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Addiction As A Disease

Individuals gripped in addictions are unable to curb their substance intake due to the incapability of controlling their body and brain responses. The biological basis of addiction answers why 'willpower and intentions' fail even after experiencing the deterioration of ones' well-being, health, and relationships.

Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Center in Delhi/NCR

Simran Shri Rehabilitation Centre was established with the aim of changing the lives of the people who suffer from addiction.The aim is to create a society which is free from any kind of addictions and its ill effects. Through a holistic approach, we address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of disease. Our team of qualified professionals includes psychiatrists, psychologists, sports therapists, physicians, and counselors. Our treatment is modeled around the 12-Step program, and we are a Love and Care rehab center. We provide our patients a safe and secure environment to grow as they embark on their journey towards recovery to lead a sober and meaningful life.

Why Choose Us?

We at Simran Shri provide a complete and well-rounded de-addiction treatment. Our focus is on wellness through psychiatry, counselling services and various activities, such as meditation, yoga, art and dance therapy among many others. In addition, we offer continuous outpatient support along with family counseling and AA/NA meetings.

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Simran Shri

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