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Liquid Courage is Temporary; Wellness is Permanent

There comes the point in man's lives when they are faced with a choice of consuming alcohol. It can either be at a boy's hostel or an office party or a friend's house or may be under peer pressure. But gone are those days when having a bottle in your hand is considered debonair and suave. Alcoholism has been a curse in society, and it has devastated thousands of families in India.

The country's northern belt, in particular, has been torn apart by the misuse of alcoholic beverages. The Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment focuses on abstinence and change in a person's behaviour. There are several factors in play when it comes to choosing a method of treatment for alcoholism.

When a person consumes alcohol, it is not digested in the body. The alcohol mixes with the bloodstream and travels to all parts of the body, affecting that person's brain, kidneys, and liver. Consuming too much alcohol increases the chance of getting addicted to it. And once a person is addicted, it is hard to stop for them.

Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Men and Alcohol

Honestly, it is disheartening to see so many men with recurrent alcoholism. Out of the two sexes, the male counterpart is more likely to develop an addiction to alcohol than women. Alcohol problems in men can be associated with their consumption pattern, reproductive health, injury, violence and harm to self or others. Alcohol treatment centres help users manage these effectively.

Common issues with men consuming alcohol out of moderation are –

  • Major accidents due to driving under the influence.
  • Hospitalization due to heavy drinking.
  • Increased aggressiveness and risk of injury to others or self.
  • Increased perpetration of sexual violence, especially towards their partner/s.
  • High suicide rates compared to women.
  • Financial mismanagement and lack of accountability.
  • Increased risk of oral, liver, colon and prostate cancer.
  • Increased chance of engaging in risky sexual activities.
  • Interference with male hormone production leads to erectile dysfunction and infertility.

These issues arise due to the dependence caused over time. Men should immediately resort to the best alcohol dependence treatment with the onset of these issues. Getting the right treatment will help users lead a physically, psychologically and socially healthy life.

Steady Rise of Binge Drinking

Over the past decade, the country has witnessed a steady rise in men consuming alcohol. The graph has skewed upwards of 38%, upping the average alcohol consumption to 6.6 litres per person in 2020. It is estimated that by 2025, it will likely reach around 8 litres. In India, the most common pattern that is seen in alcoholics is that of binge drinking. Binge drinking is when a person consumes more alcohol in a shorter period. This is seen more in men than women, where males are likely to have nearly eight drinks in two hours.

To a certain extent, our culture, norms and societal stigma plays a role in the pattern of drinking. In western cultures, having a drink is a leisure activity, and a person can sit with a glass of beer and spend almost an hour or so enjoying that. But here in India, drinking is still seen as a taboo and a social evil, and hence, consuming large amounts of alcohol in shorter periods is more prevalent. Frequent binge drinking episodes may lead to alcohol addiction in men. Family members should depend on alcohol de-addiction treatment services for helping their loved ones fight binge drinking.

Binge Drinking can arise out of several causes –

  • Just for Fun
  • Curiosity
  • Peer Pressure
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Increasing Social Confidence
  • Avoiding Problems and Issues
  • Out of Rebellion

If your loved ones are a victim of binge drinking, do not marginalize or side-line them. Reason with them and try to know why they gave in to this habit in the first place. Enrollment in an alcohol de-addiction centre and providing a solid support system is crucial; it makes the person realize that help is available when they want to stop.

Binge Drinking VS Alcohol Abuse

In general, the consumption of alcohol is not a good indicator of a problem. You can drink without getting addicted. And your loved ones don't need to always indulge in binge drinking.

Alcohol abuse, on the other hand, is consuming a sizable drink routinely above the recommended limit. It can hinder one's work and relationships, and personal life. Repeated alcohol abuse leads to alcohol addiction. In that case, the person must consult an alcohol abuse treatment centre to get their life back on track.

Learning the difference between controlling and letting go is a crucial factor in alcohol addiction. While there are several conditions in which the person cannot stop drinking and gives in to their compulsions, most behaviours can be checked. Learning to say no, strong willpower and a healthy lifestyle can help change the course of a person.

Helping Those Who Need Assistance

Living with an alcoholic is not easy. You get accustomed to extreme moods. Although you love them very nearly and dearly, at times, you cannot stand and tolerate their troubling behaviour. Generally, it is the parents or the siblings who are affected the most. In the case of married men, it is their partner who faces the repercussions.

Acknowledging that there is a problem and needing help is an excellent first step for an addict. One must remember that addictions have no cure, just the process of recovery. The longer you are on that path, the quicker you recover.

One of the ways to cut off this harmful addiction is through a rehabilitation centre. Search for the “best alcohol rehab centre near me" as it provides what an alcohol user needs: constant supervision, extra care and support that is not possible at home. Rehabs have been designed to benefit individuals struggling with alcohol or substance abuse to overcome their addictions in a safe and healthy environment. There are several methods of treatment a person receives when they go to a rehabilitation centre. These depend on multiple factors  –

  • The severity of their addiction/s
  • History with the substance/s
  • Health and other risks associated
  • Support System of the individual
  • Mental, Physical, Emotional condition of the individual

These factors are crucial and should be kept in mind while deciding if a person needs rehabilitation or not. Usually, rehabilitation centres in India are seen as a solution for extreme and uncontrollable causes.

SimranShri Rehabilitation Centre – A Ray of Hope in the Dark Days

Every individual deserves to live a healthy and happy life. Often we confuse materialistic happiness with what is necessary and forget the real essence of life. Resorting to substance abuse or turning to alcohol for your problems is never the answer. Although a glug of whiskey might seem the easy way out, it is only postponing the inevitable for the time being.

At Simranshri, we offer our residents the Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment; choose between right and wrong and walk on the correct path. Abstinence is never easy, but it is worth it. Through a scientific approach that empowers natural healing, we help our residents embark on a substance-free journey.

With expertise in drug addiction treatment and natural detoxification, our team of doctors and support staff offer a rudimentary and practical approach to dealing with the addiction of your loved ones. We attend to the individual and understand their problem areas. We also tend to their physical and mental well-being and handle their issues with care.

At our wellness centre, we provide the following facilities  –

  • Individual Counselling
  • Yoga and Meditation Sessions
  • Life Management Sessions
  • Journaling Session
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Quantified Nutrition
  • 12 Step Programs
  • Spiritual Sessions
  • Natural Detoxification
  • Withdrawal Management

We provide a holistic approach to the people with addiction to understand the pros and cons and decide their road to recovery themselves. It is essential to educate them and make them aware of their choices to benefit them in the longer run.

We believe that your loved ones are capable of change, and we only facilitate and show them the path to walk on.  At SimranShri, we are firm believers of spirituality. We advocate that change comes from within a person, and that is how we have been prioritizing health and wellness for over three decades now.

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