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There are several Cocaine Addiction treatment Centres that work towards rehabilitating substance users. Substances like cocaine, nicotine, and caffeine are considered drugs and come under stimulants. Yes, you might be surprised to know that caffeine and nicotine are classified as drugs. No wonder coffee is so addictive. Stimulants are substances that affect the Central Nervous Systems (CNS), speeding up the messaging service between the brain and the body. This makes a person feel more alive, energetic, and hyper. Cocaine affects the brain's limbic system, which controls pleasure and motivation in humans. This produces dopamine which gives the user short-term euphoria, followed by the desire to take the drug again. This cyclic process leads to a dependency on the drug. If not treated, the condition can manifest into cocaine addiction.

No matter the severity or duration of addiction, cocaine addiction treatment centers in India are equipped to help individuals lead a drug-free life.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centre

When Does Cocaine Addiction Treatment Become a Necessity?

Let’s face it. Not all people using drugs will be addicted to it. And not each person has the same biophysical composition of their body. Various factors influence the effects of cocaine on the body –

● The type and amount of cocaine used.
● The weight, health, and size of the person.
● If the person has developed a tolerance to cocaine.
● The amount of cocaine taken.
● If the person has taken any other substance.
● The environment or setting.
● The strength of the drug (varies for every illegal batch)

When a person uses stimulants regularly, they develop dependence and tolerance to the drug. Dependence leads to addiction, meaning the drug takes priority in their lives rather than other activities. That is when Cocaine De-Addiction Treatment becomes a requirement.

Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction


● A sudden rush of confidence
● A brief state of euphoria
● Being restless or depressed
● Having major mood swings
● Agitation and irritability
● Poor decision making


● Dilated pupils
● Runny nose
● Loss of appetite
● Burst of energy
● High body temperature
● Loss of sleep
● High blood pressure
● Nosebleeds
● Perspiration


● Acting impulsively with more energy
● Lying about their activities and whereabouts
● Engaging in risky and reckless behaviors
● Inability to stop cocaine use
● Stealing money for buying cocaine
● Aggressive sexual behaviors

Is Rehabilitation For Cocaine Addiction Treatment In India Necessary?

A person needs rehabilitation when they are unable to get the required care elsewhere. Using a drug repeatedly has adverse effects on their health and mental balance. And most importantly, they are introducing something in the body that is not natural. Cocaine is a chemical compound. And our organic body does not like being invaded by such abrasive chemicals.

Rehabilitation for cocaine addiction treatment in India is necessary because there are higher chances for relapse if the person has not undergone the complete process of de-addiction treatment. The chemicals in the compound remain attached to the receptors in the brain for a long time. Even with decreased use, there can be cravings. Undergoing treatment helps a person get rid of the drug entirely from their system. Cocaine addiction treatment centers in India also help a person to manage their thoughts and impulses related to drug use.

What Does Cocaine De-Addiction Treatment Entail?

There are several methods of treatment available for a person with cocaine addiction. But this is a complex disorder with various physical, mental, and socio-environmental factors. While undergoing treatment, the doctor or counselor can recommend a mix of two or more combinations of these treatment methods.


Although there are no specific medications for cocaine addiction treatment, few substances have proven clinically useful for fighting against its withdrawal symptoms. These are -

● Propranolol – Used to treat withdrawal symptoms of a person with cocaine addiction.
● Baclofen – Used to control and reduce the cocaine craving in patients
● Tiagabine – Used to treat people with stimulants and opioid use disorder
● Topiramate – Helps patients to achieve abstinence against cocaine
● Disulfiram – works as an aversion material for Cocaine dependent patients
● Modafinil – blocks the euphoric effects of cocaine. Helpful for chronic cocaine users
● TA-CD – This is not a medication but a vaccine that can stimulate the production of cocaine-specific antibodies in humans.

Behavioural Therapy

Several therapies are used to treat cocaine addiction. These therapies enable people to identify their thoughts and emotions surrounding substance use, control them and change them into something positive. The different types of therapies that are commonly used at cocaine addiction treatment centers are –

● Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
● Motivational Interviewing
● Dialectic Behaviour Therapy
● Contingency Management

Support Groups

Peer Support Groups (PSGs) provide a safe setting for a person with cocaine addiction. Several cocaine addiction treatment centers provide access or host these groups to join and see how others live with the same problem. A person can join a support group as early as their detoxification phase or after completing their rehabilitation. These groups follow the 12 Step Program approach and can be general or substance-specific. These groups can either be in-person or online. Two of the major support groups for cocaine addiction are –

● Narcotics Anonymous
● Cocaine Anonymous
Rehabilitation Options

There are times in addiction treatment when a person needs a certain level of care which is not possible from home. Or they might want their drug addiction treatment in secrecy. Or their condition is such that no other form of treatment is effective on them. Those are times when rehabilitation comes into the picture. It is often the last and the most desperate attempt to save a person from drug use. Because of the high level of care these facilities provide, a person gets the most effective treatment at a drug rehab.

Why Choose Us?

At SimranShri Rehabilitation Centre, we have a straightforward goal – To provide our clients with the most effective drug addiction treatment. Whether it is cocaine, heroin, alcohol, marijuana, or Best Tobacco Addiction Treatment, we cater to it all. Our beliefs and dedication in treatment supersede the addiction of the person. With a team of doctors, counselors, and psychologists having over 30 years of experience in addiction treatment, we provide the right care required by your loved ones suffering from addiction. Some of our highlights include –

● Support Groups like Narcotics Anonymous
● Withdrawal Management
● Individual Therapy Sessions

People with stimulant use feel lost and are desperate to come out of it. We provide a helping hand to those looking for a way out. There are some cocaine addiction centers in Delhi, Jor Bagh, Anand Lok, and Rohini. Our rehabilitation center provides unparalleled services that enable your loved ones to get the right treatment from the correct team. Here are some of the services we provide –

● Alcohol Addiction Treatment
● Drug Addiction Treatment
● Detoxification Services
● 12 Step Programs
● Psychotherapy
● Family Therapy
● Depression Counselling
● Just For Today Sessions
● Dance Sessions
● Yoga and Meditation Sessions
● Life Management Sessions
● Values and Morals Sessions

These are services one can find in the most dynamic and effective cocaine addiction treatment center; rest assured, we have got that covered when it comes to cocaine addiction.

It is hard to take the first step, but you will not have to look back once taken. Take a stand against addiction today. Help your loved one to go on the road to recovery. Pick up the phone and reach out for help.

Ping us to know more about any drug addiction - cocaine addiction or rehabilitation centers such as the Best heroin Addiction Treatment center and help your loved ones on their journey to sobriety. It is the best decision you will ever make and perhaps the greatest gift you can give to your loved one – the gift of a cleaner, healthier, and longer life.

All calls and messages sent to us are private and confidential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals most likely to develop a cocaine addiction include-
  • Family history of cocaine or drug addiction
  • Addicted to alcohol or other drugs
  • Suffering from mental disorders such as depression

Some common cocaine withdrawal symptoms include:
  • Tiredness
  • Increase in appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Delayed thoughts and unpleasant dreams
  • Depression

Just as shoe size doesn't fit all, similarly, a treatment plan does not help everybody. At SimranShri rehabilitation centre, we devise customized treatment plans for individuals; we aim to treat the individual and not the disease.

Healthy home-cooked meals that meet the nutritional deficiencies of the individuals and support the treatment are provided at SimranShri rehabilitation centre.
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