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Best Substance Use Disorder Treatment for a Sober Life

With the rise of recreational use and abuse of prescription drugs in the country, the need for a systematic approach is long due. Experimentation has its place but so does addiction. One small slip and life may go down the drain. For few, ignorance is bliss. But little do they understand that this callousness of them might cost them their lives one day. Casual intakes can lead to dependence and, thus, addiction.

Availing of the Best substance use disorder treatment is the only resort for those who suffer from addiction. It addresses the individual's physiological and psychological conditions that lead to dependency. Rehabilitation centres ensure the recovery of your loved ones by providing them with the best substance abuse treatment in a supportive environment.

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Causes of Addiction

So why do people consume drugs? Are all drugs addictive? What makes them addictive? What is drug addiction? These are all the questions one needs to ask before they address the issue of addiction. Generally, the terms addiction and abuse are used synonymously when there is a particular gap between the two.  Substance abuse can happen without the addiction. When a person develops dependence after repeated abuse, they get addicted to the drug. There can be several causes of substance abuse in men, which can lead to and speed up the process of substance abuse and cause an addiction –

  • They might have started experimenting with drugs just for the sake of it.
  • They may have started taking drugs because of peer pressure
  • They can begin consuming drugs if there is a family history of drugs involved
  • If there is the easy availability of drugs and low cost of the drugs
  • If the person suffers from emotional distress, depression, anxiety or environmental stress.
  • If the person starts consumption at an early age
  • If the person has a lack of family involvement
  • If the person has some mental and behavioural disorder

Types of Substances

Different types of drugs can cause substance abuse in men. These drugs function in their respective way, with some numbing or exciting sensations. It affects the brain and the body in several ways and causes us to feel the effects. Based on how these drugs are used and how they affect our bodies, several classifications can be made –

  • Depressants – These are drugs that slow down the function of the central nervous system in our bodies. When taken in small amounts, these drugs can make us feel less inhibited, increase our relaxation and calm us down. These drugs slow down the signals between our brain and the body affecting our coordination and concentration and responding quickly to our environment. When someone intakes depressants in larger doses, they are at an increased risk of nausea, sleepiness, or in extreme cases, death. Examples of depressants include – Alcohol, Cannabis, Opioids, and Ketamine.
  • Hallucinogens – these types of drugs affect our senses in the body and change the way we perceive reality. It alters our taste, hearing, sense of smell or how we see things. It causes hallucinations, and consuming these drugs in small quantities can give a sense of numbness, floating, disorientation and confusion. Hallucinogens can cause memory loss, aggression, paranoia, panic, increased heartbeat, and distress in larger doses. Some examples of hallucinogens are LSD, cannabis, magic mushrooms, PCP.
  • Stimulants – These drugs are responsible for speeding up the messages between the brain and the body. This causes agitation, sleepiness, body temperature and blood pressure to go up. It reduces your appetite, makes the heart pump faster and makes a person feel more awake, alert and energetic. However, consumption of stimulants in larger doses can cause panic, paranoia and anxiety. Examples of stimulants include cocaine, nicotine, MDMA, caffeine and ice.

Apart from these, drugs can be clubbed by how they are used –

  • Analgesics – Painkillers like aspirin, morphine, ibuprofen, codeine, fentanyl, paracetamol.
  • Inhalants – Substances that you sniff or breathe give you an instant high. Nitrates, aerosol sprays, gases etc., are all inhalants.
  • Opioids – Addictive narcotics produced naturally or synthetically that work as pain killers or give a feeling of euphoria. Heroin, methadone, codeine are all opioids.
  • Party Drugs – Groups of stimulants and hallucinogens. MDMA, ecstasy, LSD etc.
  • Performance-enhancing drugs – Anabolic steroids, hormones, peptides.
  • Prescription Drugs – Sedatives and sleeping pills, and painkillers.
  • Psychoactive drugs – magic mushrooms, cannabis, LSD, caffeine.
  • Synthetic drugs – Several drugs made in the laboratory have similar effects to banned drugs. These are called New and Emerging Drugs (NEDs) or new psychoactive substances (NPS). Synthetic cannabis, NBOMe, herbal ecstasy, legal highs, aphrodisiac tea, monkey dust, and synthetic cocaine are all examples of synthetic drugs.

Stopping Substance Use

There are several different substance abuse disorder treatments. Most of these treatments address the drug abuse problem of the individual and take into account any other medical, social, psychological, legal and vocational problem faced by the user. This ensures that there is effective all-around treatment and not just a way for alleviating symptoms.

  • The first step of stopping this is to acknowledge a problem. The road to recovery is long, but it begins with small steps. Once a person understands the harmful effects of substances, they can go for a wide range of substance abuse disorder treatments.
  • There are several approaches available for the treatment of substance use. Usually, a person may require two or more approaches to treat their disorder. These treatments are exclusive to the person, meaning that all the methods are not suitable for every person. The best substance use disorder treatment is the one that is individualised as per the patient.
  • Detoxification is one of the significant steps while undergoing recovery. It can be natural detoxification or pharmaceutical detoxification or quitting cold turkey. Of course, efficient withdrawal management helps the person manage their detoxification more smoothly.
  • Once they are done with detoxification, the next step is to undergo counselling and behavioural therapies. There are several different therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectic Behaviour Therapy, Multidimensional Family Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Contingency Management, which help with substance use disorder.
  • Addiction counselling, strengthening life skills, and relapse prevention are also essential and helpful as effective treatments against substance use disorder. The best substance abuse treatment are the ones that have a holistic approach; addiction counselling is necessary for someone in recovery.
  • Rehabilitation programs can be a longer-term treatment for addictive disorders and substance-related disorders. These treatments aim for reduced substance use, abstinence from drugs and other substances. It also enables people to resume functioning in their social, professional and personal circles.

SimranShri Rehabilitation Centre - Prioritising Health and Wellness

At SimranShri drug abuse treatment centre, we are dedicated to facilitating recovery in men. We enable our residents to embark upon a journey for a substance-free life through our wellness centre. With a team of doctors, counsellors, psychiatrists, and psychologists with over 30 years of experience in addiction treatment, we provide one of the best alcohol rehabilitation centres. We are the best alcohol rehabilitation centre equipped to treat addiction against tobacco, cannabis, heroin, cocaine, gutkha, brown sugar, and other drugs. At our rehabilitation centre, we provide the following services – 

  • Alcohol Addiction Treatment
  • Drug Addiction Treatment
  • Withdrawal Management
  • Detoxification Services
  • 12 Step Programs
  • Psychotherapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Dance Sessions
  • Depression Counselling
  • Just For Today Sessions
  • Life Management Sessions
  • Values and Morals Sessions
  • Yoga and Meditation Sessions

With the help of the best substance use disorder treatment, your loved ones can embark upon the journey to sobriety and live a healthy, happy and substance-free life. To know more about substance abuse and how you can help your loved ones fight addiction, reach out to us. Let us stand together in the fight against addiction and break the stigma surrounding it.

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