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Weed Addiction Treatment for a Healthier Life

Weed use can result in marijuana use disorder and take the shape of an addiction. According to research, 30% of individuals who use weed have some form of marijuana use disorder. Adolescents under the age of 18 who are using weed are four to seven times at a higher risk of developing a marijuana use disorder than adults.

This disorder is associated with dependence- when an individual requires a high dosage to experience a desirable effect and faces withdrawal symptoms when refraining from weed use. The common withdrawal symptoms experienced include irritability, sleep disturbance, decreased appetite, restlessness, cravings, mood swings that last up to two weeks. The weed addiction treatment helps manage the withdrawal symptoms and treat the addiction. Continue reading to get acquainted with the symptoms and signs of weed long with the best treatment options available.

Weed Addiction Treatment

What Are The Weed Addiction Symptoms?

If you or your loved ones are experiencing at least two of the following symptoms within twelve months, you need to seek weed addiction treatment:

  • Continues usage despite facing physical, emotional, and social problems.
  • Intense cravings to use weed
  • Developed a tolerance (require a higher dosage to feel the same effect)
  • Withdrawal symptoms are experienced when refraining from weed use
  • Giving up on hobbies or activities that once gave pleasure due to using weed.
  • Using a higher quantity as intended
  • Using weed in dangerous situations or settings
  • Getting intoxicated by weed so often that important thing is ignored
  • Most of the time is consumed in getting weed, its usage, and recovering from its effects
  • Unsuccessful attempts of cutting down or quitting weed.

Other indicators of weed addiction may look like damaged relationships, disinterest in activities that once seemed fun, and inability to stop weed use.

What Are The Treatment Options for Weed Addiction?

Weed addiction treatment primarily focuses on changing behaviour. This is done through a range of psychological interventions that include:

Counseling: cognitive behavioural therapy is popularly used in Substance Use Disorder Treatment as it helps individuals recognize their triggers and behaviours that lead to drug intake. Once identified, the individual learns to replace them with healthier ones.

Motivational incentives: also known as contingency management, when individuals are rewarded for meeting goals. These goals and rewards are set with psychologists in the counselling sessions, for example, rewards for staying drug-free.

Motivational enhancement therapy- counsellor works hand in hand with the individual to help you commit to behavioural change. This therapy is often used along with other therapies and lasts for four sessions.

Medications- medications are given to ease the withdrawal symptoms and treat the underlying causes of depression, anxiety, or any other symptoms that cause trouble. 

Weed Addiction Treatment Centre professionals will design a person-centred treatment plan for individuals for long-lasting recovery.

Why You Should Choose SimranShri Rehabilitation Centre?

Your search for the best de-addiction treatment centre ends here; SimranShri rehabilitation centre is the home away from home for those seeking help with addiction and other mental disorders. The individualized addiction treatment plan, along with indigenous therapies, undying support, and care, facilitate the right atmosphere for you or your loved ones to recover. Our rehabilitation centre is well equipped with experienced doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and management staff that enable you to lead a fulfilling, healthier and happier life.

We approach your loved ones with a scientific approach that empowers natural healing. Our services in the rehabilitation centre include –

  • Alcohol Addiction Treatment
  • Yoga & Meditation Sessions
  • Life Management Sessions
  • Drug Addiction Treatment
  • Detoxification Treatment
  • Just For Today Sessions
  • Depression Counselling
  • Individual Therapy
  • 12 Step Programs
  • Dance Sessions
  • Group Therapy

While undergoing recovery, having a solid support system is very important. With our team of mental health professionals, rest assured that your loved ones will get the proper care that will pave the way for their smooth recovery. The caregivers at our rehabilitation centre teach the residents to manage their addictions and behaviours in the future once they re-socialize in society. With increased spirituality and self-esteem, your loved one can understand the root causes of their addiction or behaviour and modify it accordingly.

Get the Best Drug Addiction Treatment today for a happier and more meaningful life for your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

One can experience the effect of weed for a few hours; however, the traces in one's body last for weeks. It can be traced in the urine for 4-6weeks, in the hair follicles for 12 weeks, and in the blood for 6-8 weeks.

Yes, marijuana is addictive, although referred to as a "gateway drug." an individual regularly using the substance will eventually develop an addiction.

Similar to tobacco smoke, weed travels through the bloodstream to the lungs. It heightens one's senses and impairs coordination and reaction time.

Families can offer support and approach the individual with empathy. It is important to motivate the individual at all times for sustained recovery. Being surrounded by a supportive family also reduced the isolation experienced during addiction treatment.
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