Alcoholism And Society – Awakening Call

Alcohol abuse or rather alcoholism is a very common disorder that is being seen amongst the majority of people today. With the growing depression and anxiety rates in the so-called “modern world”, the answer to every problem, big or small, is ALCOHOL.
Alcohol is said to be liquor that is usually made out of grains, fruits and honey. But, what causes its addiction is the amount of ethanol it holds in. for a human body, ethanol works as a sedative that makes your body and brain function slower and defective. The intoxication, caused by alcohol is generally labelled as being drunk, where your motor skills get impaired and you lose out a sense of thinking and analysing. Consumption of alcohol in moderation is considerate but one that leads to more than three drinks a week leads to the stage of alcohol addiction and abuse.

Symptoms and Impacts Of Alcoholism on Society


Are you a regular alcohol consumer? Well, check with the following points whether or not you are going towards alcoholism or Alcohol abuse:

  • When you are unable to limit the number of drinks you have
  • Negative thought emerging when you are sober or not intoxicated
  • Craving to have a drink at odd hours
  • Unnecessary aggression and irritation
  • Avoiding social interaction and activities to have a drink


Alcohol abuse not only has an impact on you as an individual but also on your near and dear ones. Alcohol Use disorder or rather alcoholism has not got good to anyone overall. Some of its impact on your family and friends are:

  • Relationship problems due to aggressive behaviour and unbalance mood swings
  • Poor performance at work
  • Getting violent and committing crimes
  • An increase in suicidal thoughts
  • Being dependent on other family members and friends for basic requirements and needs.

It also raises a variety of health issues such as:

  • Liver disease
  • Heart problems
  • Diabetes
  • Imbalance in menstruation cycles
  • Bone damage, and many more.

The number of people getting into the category of alcohol abuse is alarming. There are many complications that the human body goes through such as:

  • Breakdown in the nervous system
  • Stimulation
  • Affects your speech
  • Muscle coordination get affected
  • Lead you to a life-threatening coma

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