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June 13, 2022


Completing the course of treatment is a moment of celebration for a person who has been a victim of addiction. But, is that all which leads to the person’s overall recovery? Addiction recovery is a technique one can rely upon but Certainly not! The road to recovery is a life-long process as it involves a lot of re-adjustments and changes in the person’s life after the treatment and continuing along the road for a balanced and healthy life is a constant commitment.

One may believe that, once the treatments and rehabilitation are over, it can cure a person suffering from addiction till the end of his life but it is important to understand that addiction recovery management after treatment is even more important for a person’s overall recovery. As the person steps out of the treatment room, it’s a new life and new environment for him. He meets his family, friends and coworkers; engages in social circles and sometimes it takes a little time to readjust to this new lifestyle. There can also be times when the person may face vulnerability or feel triggered by friends or colleagues who may encourage him to drink or drug use. Thus, choosing and maintaining a proactive lifestyle after treatment is also continuing the commitment to recovery which comes under addiction recovery management.


Committing to the road to recovery and stages of recovery from addiction

As per research, a person is more open to relapse in the first 6 months after treatment. Thus, it is important to recognize the triggers and temptations and plan some long-term goals to live a fulfilling lifestyle.

Let’s see a few steps below that can be helpful to continue along the road to addiction recovery after treatment.

  • Generating a recovery plan and following it - A recovery plan can include short goals and long goals. Creating an everyday schedule to establish new long-term objectives can help in consistency and commitment toward recovery.
  • Forming effective social relationships - Forming social relationships, post-treatment, can be challenging as one has to be careful in choosing people to hang out with. It is best to form relationships with people who do not drink or are involved in any drug activities in addiction recovery centres.
  • Developing relationships with drug-free people - Developing healthy relationships with people having a similar history and who are free of addiction can be helpful as they can be great sources in terms of learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle and find positive re-adjustments.
  • Prioritising mental health - Returning to a new lifestyle and new environment can bring anxiety and sometimes can lead to mental health issues if built too much. Taking one step at a time, finding a moment to do something positive every day, exercising and eating healthy and celebrating the small victories can go a long way to maintaining a positive mindset and continuing along the road to recovery after treatment together teach us how to recover from addiction.
  • Volunteering in de-addiction programmes

How is an individual affected by long-term addiction? 

A person suffering from addiction may feel that their life has stopped and they cannot do anything about it now they need to take help from addiction recovery centres.

. However, listening to people who have had the same journey can not only help them but also the ones sharing their experiences. When a person, post-treatment, participates in de-addiction programmes and activities, it encourages him to help others in need and commit to their recovery lifestyle to avoid going back to the same phase again.

Role of drug addiction recovery management: how is it helpful?

Addiction recovery management after treatment can be challenging but also is a matter of commitment as it is a life-long process. It is important to show up for regular check-ups and take care of one’s mental and physical health in the process.

The world outside may seem full of temptations but it is really up to the person’s consistency and commitment to maintaining a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle after treatment!

Exquisite addiction recovery centre

There are many recovery addiction centres which help cure the overall health necessity of the individual suffering from any kind of addiction may it be, Mobile phone addiction, substance use addiction, alcoholism, or intense substance use disorders.  Rehabs are therefore joining hands and spreading awareness about how to recover from addiction with many of such problematic areas that creep into the society and are deeply rooted in the repeated behaviours and practice.

One of the emerging best drug rehab centres in India provides one of the top-notch services for recovery from addiction and many people have connected with it so far because of its vision and ideology toward the family members and their loved ones, on therapy for addiction treatment with over 5 years of proven techniques and experience, Simranshri Rehabilitation Centre is treating addiction with the help of experts and has enabled hundreds of people to live substance-free lives.

Some of its services are:

●        Alcohol Addiction Treatment
●        Drug Addiction Treatment
●        Nicotine Addiction Treatment
●        Withdrawal Management
●         Detoxification Services
●        12 Step Programs
●        Psychotherapy
●         Group Therapy
●        Family Therapy
●        Depression Counselling
●        Just For Today Sessions
●        Dance Sessions

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