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Anxiety And Depression - Get The Support You Need
August 05, 2022

Anxiety is a sign of clinical depression, the most common illness today. Some of its seeable signs are persistent sadness and loss of interest in people or events. According to WHO, the total number of people suffering from mental disorders or treatment such as depression was estimated to exceed 300 million in 2015, equivalent to 4.3% of the world’s population. Moreover, In India, the National Mental Health Survey 2015-16 revealed that nearly 15% of Indians who are 20 plus need intervention for issues such as mental health and should consider this a priority.

One in 20 Indians suffers from depression symptoms and fails to showcase or share anything associated with it. However, it is estimated that in 2012, India had over 258 000 suicides, with the age group of 15-49 years most affected. Hence the possible biggest reason behind it is not one; numerous reasons affect an individual falls into depression, and in no time it can become suicidal unknowingly as per the study conducted under depression anxiety stress scales.

Can Anxiety be Termed As Depression? 

Depression brings the largest declination of the global health index of disability (7.5% of all years lived with depression disorder in 2015). Depression can move to decisions like suicide; over 800 000 people become victims of suicide every year. It is the second leading cause of mortality in 15-29-year-olds, as per the report published by WHO.

Anxiety is one symptom of depression, a trigger, and body response to any situation. Moreover, anxiety is a symptom of clinical (major) depression, such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic anxiety disorder, or separation anxiety disorder. Hence anxiety has various forms and is prevalent if not treated at the right time; it is also life-threatening. Anxiety disorder treatment is possible for an individual to seek immediate recovery.

Some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression are:

  • Stress at the workplace can lead to anxiety.
  • Shift or change in location.
  • Family trauma and troubled relationships can lead to depression.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth can lead to stress and anxiety.
  • Major trauma or shock and mishappening of certain events can lead to anxiety and stress.
  • The loss of near or loved ones can trigger anxiety
  • Fear of losing someone bedridden
  • Unnecessary occurrences of events, for example, personal attacks, are some common symptoms of anxiety and depression that can lead to depression.

Meet The Cure For Your Anxiety and Depression Some of the natural therapy for anxiety and depression is soul healing regression can lead to emotional and psychological healing through showering the energy(Cosmic Healing), Energy Cord Cutting(Detachment healing from the worldly desires), Therapy from the past life, Healing through angels, Age Regression, and NLP may be included, as required hence age regression happens when someone retreats to a more youthful form of mind. Hence, mental disorders and treatment helps rejuvenate the individual's stressors and symptoms.

This retreat may be a few years younger than someone’s biological age. It is when an individual thinks they have become a baby. It can be a distance recovery session or on the phone.

It is an intense session. Spirit guides may suggest modifications in thinking habits and distinct favorable thinking exercises. Theta healing is one example of healing through which one is connected to god’s consciousness. This healing therapy can make a person optimistic and relaxed.

Risks Associated With Anxiety And Depression

Some common risk factors and causes of anxiety are Poor digestion disorder, heart-related disease, obesity, and chronic pain, just a few of the possible biological ramifications of untreated anxiety and depressive disorders. Other disorders associated with anxiety and depression include sleep disturbances, substance misusage disorders, breathing problems, and thyroid problems. Some possible problems related to anxiety and depression affect the human body's health system. Also, mental disorder treatment is crucial for an individual in recovery.

Causes Of Anxiety And Depression

Trauma since childhood, those who endured abuse or trauma or witnessed situations that are not sober to their eyes are more prone to depression.

Hence, constant stress due to prolonged illness, Poor hygiene condition leads to stress, and Personality change can lead to major disturbances. However, treatment of mental disorders has blood relatives with anxiety disorder. Hence Drugs or alcohol, Loss or death can lead to anxiety, and emotional and physical abuse are some of the interrelated factors that infuse trauma among individuals.

Some long-term effects on the body and mind are caused by stress and Anxiety. Harvard Health (2008) discovered that Fear and Anxiety are related to chronic illnesses such as GI issues and heart disease, which also include other worsening signs such as headaches, migraines, and sleep issues.

Therefore therapies like yoga and meditation help people deal with anxiety through natural remedies for anxiety and depression in the form of intensive treatment programs.

How does anxiety trigger?

  • Mostly feeling tense, nervous, or incapable of relaxing.
  • Feel like the planet is speeding up or slowing down.
  • Feeling like other people can see you're anxious and looking at you.
  • Fear of speaking or answering questions.
  • Fear of being judged triggers anxiety among individuals.

The Best Mental Health Rehab In NCR With The Special Treatment

Many rehab centers work for a patient dealing with addiction and are stringent in part of their recovery program. They cover the overall assessment recovery of the patient by setting up a systematic plan. As recovery is time taking. One of the best near Delhi NCR is the SimranShri rehabilitation center.

This offers a program that helps in recovery but also ensures recovery holistically through “THETA HEALING”, a form of energy showering therapy. The Energy Healing removes unipolar depression and helps manage physical health issues like asthma, diabetes, sinusitis, addiction, etc. However, deep soul healing is also great for healing and recovery. It's a technique Freedom from Unexplainable Anxiety brings higher Positivity, aims for better health, and higher Confidence, More Inner Peace, more control in terms of healing programs and therapy. Natural remedies for anxiety and depression also help heal mental health-related problems as it shifts focus from negative to positive thinking.

Anxiety, Depression and Addiction Treatment.

One of the most common ways to release anxiety is by keeping oneself healthy and doing some physical activity, keeping physically fit for most of the days, exercise, gym since it helps in curing the patient struggling with depression naturally. Yoga for anxiety and depression, Talk therapy, also known as speech therapy, helps cure anxiety, psychotherapy, and medications.

These short-term programs help cure anxiety with the help of expert psychiatrists; some anti, depressants and anti-anxiety medications minimize the risk of more anxiety, lifestyle, and home remedies and alternative medicines.

Mental disorder treatments are commonly cured in the center with the help of counseling an individual in a state of anxiety and depression. 

Simranshri rehab: The best rehabilitation center in India for anxiety and depression

Simranshri rehab provides best-in-class services to treat addiction and depression; it not only helps to aim at the part of society that is drug dependent but also understands the root cause of the society and help eliminate the troubling factors by providing counselors for depression.

Some of the services provided by Simran Suri rehabilitation center are:

  • Mental disorder and treatment
  • 24x7 Pick and drop facility
  • One-on-one sessions with expert psychiatrists
  • In-house doctors visit
  • In-patient and out-patient services
  • Food and lodging
  • Yoga for anxiety and depression

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