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Is There A Link Between Loneliness And Depression
February 07, 2022


Do you feel “emptiness” off lately?

Nothing engaging to do, or no one to do it with. You're just sitting on a couch alone, and gloominess sets in, which adds misery to your boredom. Sadness is considered normal - when you feel like hanging out with others but can't. Spending time with others isn't just a way to pass the time; belongingness is an important part of well-being. Humans are meant to evolve around other humans; being devoid of social interactions can negatively impact one's health - physically and mentally.

Experiencing loneliness increases the cortisol level that reduces one's immunity and increases the risk for the following:

●    Disturbed sleep cycle 
●    Heart problems
●    Diabetes
●    Cancer
●    Obesity

It also affects one's mental health and results in depression over time. Attempting to help you, we have answered your question, "how to get rid of loneliness and depression?” Learning these ways to cope with loneliness and depression is a great start for anyone looking for help.

loneliness and depression

Signs Of Loneliness And Depression

The first step for managing unwanted feelings is recognizing their cause- depression or loneliness?
Emotional distress is common between both - depression and loneliness. Similar feelings make it hard to recognize where one begins and the other ends.
One might commonly notice:

●    Mental fogginess
●    Self-doubt
●    Pains and aches
●    Restlessness and irritability
●    Low energy
●    Disturbed sleep cycle
●    Changes in appetite.

A striking difference between the two is that depression is a mental health condition, whereas loneliness is a feeling that weighs one down akin to depression. Loneliness is a discomforting yet transient state; it may surpass when your desires of belongingness or building a connection is met. Depression, on the contrary, wouldn't subside merely by finding a connection or belongingness; it's a mental condition that tends to worsen over time if not addressed by a mental health professional. Furthermore, if an individual is suffering from depression, social interaction may serve as a distraction- but it would not help always. Spending time with loved ones, family, and best friends might also feel exhausting, empty and difficult to engage in.

How to Cope with Loneliness and Depression?

When thinking about coping with loneliness, the immediate answer that one comes up with is to make more friends. Surely this can help one make meaningful bonds but being alone does not necessarily result in loneliness. To effectively cope with loneliness, one needs to dig deeper and find the root cause. This could help you figure out the missing elements of the relationship you share with others around you, such that you can build fulfilling connections.

Find the missing pieces of a relationship: one could feel lonely amid a group of people. If you are surrounded by people in your life yet feel lonely, you need to break down the quality of these bonds. Are you merely existing with the people without really connecting with them? Try to create a meaningful relationship:

●    Start a conversation that is meaningful to you or something about the currents news
●    Instead of hitting individuals up on WhatsApp, please make an effort to visit them 
●    Involve in activities that will help you learn about each other more- go skiing together, bake, paint or work on a project.
●    Practice kindness- send a loved one flowers, help your neighbour, or cook a meal for your friend.

Indulge in Activities you enjoy: unfulfilling mundane tasks contribute to unhappiness. These lead to dissatisfaction and a low mood that affects one's relationships with others and, thus, their loneliness. The best counselling for depression recommends indulging in hobbies to individuals with subclinical levels of depression for cures for depression and loneliness. Spending time doing the activities that bring you happiness is a form of self-love. These contribute to self-care, which develops a brighter perspective and energizes one to create a meaningful connection. Indulging in activities can also help you meet people who share the same interest as you; you can relate better and develop satisfying relationships.

Be kind to yourself: Every individual has some imperfections; it's only human to make mistakes. That person who seems perfect to you has had setbacks too. Remind yourself of this and stop blaming yourself; treat yourself with compassion and not disgust. Replace those self-talks of loathing with care; you will realize the kind of love, respect and meaningfulness you deserve from your relationship. You will be able to search and attain it actively.

If you struggle with self-love, imagine what you would say to a friend who's harshly criticizing oneself? Wouldn't you remind them of their strengths, qualities and achievements?

Treat Yourself the same; this will enhance your self-worth, which paves the way for satisfying relationships.

Learn to regulate emotions: It's normal to not beem with positive feelings all the time; there are times when one feels hopeless, self-disgust, or other negative emotions. But how one deals with them makes all the difference. Mental health counselling services help individuals reframe these negative thoughts into positive ones. For example, if your friend does not answer our call, instead of thinking that they do not want to talk to me, you rephrase it as maybe my friend is caught up with something; I'll try calling later?

If nobody answers your calls at that moment, do not get disheartened or feel unwanted, instead focus on something else that brings you happiness.

Mindful acceptance helps individuals be comfortable with distressing situations. Mindfulness is a healthy coping skill recommended by the best rehabilitation centre in India to manage cravings.

If one fails to cope with their loneliness, it might result in depression. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a mental health professional when you feel you alone can't cope with the emotions you are going through. Remember, you don't need to go through it alone.

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