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Is Cell Phone Addiction Really A Thing? All You Need To Know
Addiction Treatment
May 23, 2022


Nomophobia which is also termed phone addiction is obsessive usage of technology also known to be as a fear of being detached from the cell phone. As per the data released by Statista, there are mainly 6.648 billion smartphone users in the world. It is a necessity for modern life; however, it has also caused too much dependency, and as a result, negative consequences have been developed. Since 2004, searches for “Smartphone addiction” have been rising rapidly.

It creates a powerful compulsive force among the individual, like communicating with your loved ones had become far easier than that of those last time when there once existed a telephone, or telephone booths, communication were usually through letters and posted it would take a whole month or so to send messages, however, it has made people life easier by making information available and accessible, and still, the convenience comes at a price. Nowadays, the thing has changed drastically. With time communication through smartphones is just one second away, and reachability has increased from every corner of the world, no matter wherever you are.

Smartphone Addiction Treatment

One can share photos and videos with just one click; the power of social media has impacted the lives of many smartphone users. In many ways, people unknowingly become phone addicts, especially the young generation. Chronic phone usage has become a big concern and has recently become an addiction. Still, it is acknowledged as a behavioural addiction.

Negative Effects of Phone Addiction

Strong signs of what the internet is doing to our brain:

•    Sleep-deprived 
•    Lack of concentration 
•    Creativity and vision are blocked. 
•    Anxiety
•    Stress 
•    Loneliness
•    Insecurity 
•    Poor Grades
•    Impaired Relationships 
•    Poor Grades 
•    Psychological disorders
•    Reduced cognition 
•    Insecurity 
•    Impaired Recognition

These are some of the effects of cell phone addiction that many youngsters are coping with and knowingly are under the influence. It is vastly increasing and taking lives as well; people are being suicidal under the light of supremacy on social platforms. Social acceptance has bugged the mind of youngsters and has become one of the biggest psychological effects of cell phone addiction at any time. According to the National Library of Medicine, 6.3% of the overall population is addicted to their smartphone; cell phone addiction is the with over 16 per cent of the adolescent's addiction abuse is greatest among those under 30. 

What are Cell Phone addiction symptoms?

It is important to recognise that no specific amount of time, frequency, or messages sent indicates phone addiction. Yet an upsurge of the above forewarning signs indicates an underlying phone use tribulation. Hence many groups have promoted the cell phone addiction treatment as well, depends on the signs of cell phone addiction and how deeply it has affected the individual.

Below are a few ways to discern if someone has signs and symptoms of phone addiction:

1.    Constant lying about the smartphone usage
2.    Near one’s expressing concern.
3.    More time usage on the phone 
4.    Lack of connection, feeling of being cut out.
5.    Limiting phone use is difficult
6.    Fear of missing out
7.    Working later to complete the task.
8.    Isolation from loved ones 

It is necessary to recognise that no certain amount of time, frequency, or messages sent indicates phone addiction. Yet a collection of underlying problems takes birth usage of cell phone addiction.

Are there possible ways to phone addiction treatment?

Yes, there are many possible ways to get the treatment for cell phone addiction, such as: 

•    Self-treatment therapies for cell phone addiction: Keeping yourself in line with scheduled for the day, turning off as many notifications on your phone as you can before going to sleep, putting your phone on cell phone mode, and Taking distractive applications from your screen.

•    Group Therapy Treatment: The form of psychotherapy involves one or more therapists working with several people simultaneously to make sure that they are not alone as a person; while treating a small group of clients. These groups help people to get mild addictions.

•    Treatment groups and centres: These groups are part of the experimental research design in order and finally offer some sight and vision. It is the process when someone develops a casual character and finally puts some insights into common problems.

Is cell phone addiction a thing?

Research is the biggest psychological effect of cell phone addiction among many medical professionals and researchers.

Social interaction releases dopamine as most of the population uses smartphones and tools for many platforms and uses applications for other interactive platforms. When they meet or connect on other apps, they connect with other apps on social media. The risk of social media is a mainly social and psychological issue. An average individual invests 2-3 hours on the social media platform to get insights into the surroundings.

According to the social and clinical psychology journal, limiting social media to 30 minutes per day can improve an individual's mental health and influences a positive mindset. Promotes better clarity of the surroundings. A healthy amount of screen time for adults should be less than two hours to get good sleep, and mental peace among the youth should engage themselves in physical activity to minimise the psychological effects of cell phone addiction.

What is Grayscale?

If we take a jibe at the term grayscale, it is one of the easiest ways to help shorten the screen time effects by changing the display mode. If we try and shift the screen into a green scale model, all devices which have android or ios, there is a feature; if we enable the feature, it changes its colour to black and white. In life, other than anything else, we check and engage with our screen rather than anything else; hence your screen gets a lot of attention; in short, this feature enables an individual to minimise cell phone addiction and makes life easy.

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