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 how to break free from Addiction
January 07, 2022


Any individual experiencing Addiction or looking after someone struggling with Addiction has most likely heard, " Why can't this person have some self-control to stop?" There is a myriad of misconceptions about how people believe Addiction works. Snap judgments and assumptions arise from frustration; one such misconception includes that "Once an addict, always an addict".

Such misconceptions and lack of awareness about Addiction are why many individuals lose hope and never seek answers to questions like how to cure Addiction, what can help overcome Addiction, where one can get the best addiction treatment services, etc. These answers can reshape someone’s life by giving it a new definition.

Addiction is treatable; your loved ones will lead a more meaningful life of sobriety. Without further ado, take the first step to learn about addictions and how it works. Address all your misconceptions by scrolling down and embarking on the journey to recovery.

Best Addiction Treatment Services

Can Addiction be Cured?

Substance use disorder or Addiction is a chronic disorder that needs ongoing treatment. Availing addiction treatment early helps manage withdrawal symptoms and breaks the vicious cycle of Addiction. It is recommended to follow a post-discharge treatment after the initial addiction treatment; it helps prevent relapse.

Each individual is unique, so is the kind of Addiction they suffer. Some have experienced trauma in their lives, or struggle with comorbid conditions, while others haven't. In most cases, individuals are genetically predisposed to Addiction, although not all genetically predisposed develop addictions. In each of these cases, gathering information about the causes, symptoms, and prognosis of Addiction can help prevent Addiction from getting started. If Addiction has already posed a problem, seeking treatment can always help. All individuals struggle with common questions, "is alcoholism curable?”, “Can addiction be cured?". Mental health professionals agree that Addiction is treatable and can be placed into remission: just diabetes treatment, day-to-day management of addiction results in long-lasting wellness. However, to achieve this wellness and quality of life, one needs to prioritize treatment and management.

How to Break Free from Addiction?

It is necessary to realize that it occurs; identifying that one has a problem is the first step to recovery. Approaching a mental health professional to address the drug or alcohol addiction will lead to Ways to Overcome Addiction. Various treatments can help during the process of overcoming Addiction, including medicines and psychological interventions. The treatment plan is individualized to meet the needs of the treatment seeker. While medications ease the discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms, the therapies work on behavioral modifications and address the root cause of Addiction. Some common therapies of addiction treatment at the best de-addiction treatment centre in India include:

●Cognitive-behavioral therapy is beneficial to all individuals seeking addiction treatment. It helps identify the triggers that lead to compulsive drug intake, addressing these triggers, and learning healthy coping styles helps overcome addictions. Addiction is also due to underlying issues such as anxiety or depression. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps overcome depression and anxiety, thus, Addiction.

●Mindfulness-based approaches- relatable for most individuals, these practices have gained popularity over the years. Like cognitive-behaviour therapy, mindfulness helps individuals deal with underlying mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

Best Drug Addiction Treatment Centre is equipped to offer an individual all they require to break free from Addiction.

How Long Does It Take To Quit an Addiction?

With the right knowledge of Addiction and comorbid disorders, one can place Addiction in remission and enjoy a fulfilling and better quality of life. There will be tough days; each seeking even the best addiction treatment services has experienced drug intake temptations or resorted to addictive thinking when times felt tough. The key to healthy living differs for every individual; most people benefit from the support of loved ones, sharing their experiences, educating themselves about addiction recovery, implementing the post-discharge treatment of the best substance use disorder treatment in day-to-day life.

Addiction recovery is indeed a long journey, but it is a process that will improve one's quality of life, attract friends who are on the path to a fulfilling life, and it can also lengthen one's life. Both addicts and non-addicts alike benefit greatly from seeking the best health.

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