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SimranShri Conducts Relation Between Addiction
Addiction Treatment
May 16, 2022


It's not surprising that our webinar was a roaring success, considering the real insight from a psychologist, active audience participation, and hands-on guidance for Depression and Addiction.

On May 11th, 2022, SimranShri Rehabilitation Centre hosted its second online webinar. Our Academic Research Writer, Dr Apoorva Kapoor, joined us and shared her personal experiences in Addiction to unravel the psychology and Decoding of Addiction and Depression. She also debunked addiction stereotypes that prevent people from seeking help and, therefore, recovery benefits. To learn more about Depression and Addiction, indications, and treatment, scroll to the bottom for more insights into the webinar.

How Does Addiction Works

What is Addiction?

In layman's terms, Addiction is the urge to do something that is not in the person's control; in medical terms, Addiction is anything that enables a person to use drugs or substances or engage in behaviour that can lead to psychological harm or physical harm to the person. Addiction and Depression cause the Inability to do something. Even the smallest of works seems bigger. 

How Addiction Works And Impacts The well-being 

●    Social Impacts: Alters personality, increased irritability and Anxious behaviour, Alter personality, Inability to stay away from a drug or behaviour due to a lack of control. Reduced socialisation, such as breaking a promise or ignoring connections and disregarding risk factors, including needle sharing despite the risk, is one-way addiction works and impacts the individual.

●    Emotional Impact: Increased Paranoia and suspicion, a Situation where a person becomes too suspicious about the other person that they are talking about something behind their back; feeling of Paranoia can be an indication or symptom of a psychotic condition like psychosis or untreated schizophrenia, part of Addiction and Depression.

●    Mental impact- Increased incidences of unwanted triggers, Triggers vary widely from person to person. There are many types of triggers for mental health and Addiction; Stress is one of the normal causes of Depression. We can feel helpless or out of control if we are overwhelmed, and that causes mental health issues.

●    Physical impact- Poor physical growth and poor physical capital. Some patients are relentless about changes in their daily routine, losing track of time, poor sanitation, not being able to take showers, and Inability to communicate are some of the symptoms of Addiction that are faced the patients. Addiction impacts the overall personality of the individual of mental health and addiction.

How Does Addiction Generally Work?

Reward system- Addiction mainly works by hindering normal brain functioning. When you perform any activity of choice, it releases a dopamine neurotransmitter—commonly known as the "happy hormone". This hormone doesn't instigate being happy but rather compromises the normal feeling and ensures the person feels pleasant while doing what they do. Thus, driving you into a compulsive addiction to doing things repeatedly.

Tolerance & Craving- This is mainly manifested with the feeling of euphoria or overwhelming. For instance: talking about patriotism. Cues of a series of triggers or talk of the mouth might compel you to engage in activities that can instigate a sense of pleasure for the first time. So in normal responses (such as ADLS), the dopamine release gets limited, and during pleasure activities, it rises, compelling you to do the same thing again.

Poor self-control- Mainly happens when you are emotionally vulnerable. It might trigger you to move out of the rigid shells and do things spontaneously. It makes it difficult for you to quit the activity and rather triggers you to do the same thing.

Again, one of the main reasons for relapse. Disinterest in other activities & concentration on one only-"Once you get the taste of it, there is no backing out". Mainly caused due to dopamine override and hinders concentration and thus, breaking apart from the mundane routine of Addiction.

Signs & Symptoms of Addiction

Altered personality traits and display shakes, tremors and slurring of speech. Extreme mood fluctuations, Alterations in daily living routine, lack of concern for personal hygiene and self-care, disrupted family structures and social structures financial issues are the types of Addiction? 

Basic Addiction- This can be defined as a temporary phase that fades away with time or as the age progresses. For instance: Age-group related Addiction (old songs and new songs).

Chemical Addiction- This is mainly defined as the Addiction related to substance abuse. For instance: morphine, hashish, cigarettes and many others. 

Behavioural Addiction- Display compulsive behaviour that doesn't benefit the individual. TV, Series, Netflix and chill and other social media means and the types of addiction that influence one's behaviour towards the Addiction.

What Is Depression & Its Causes?

Layman terms- Constant feeling of sadness, loss of interest and hinders with performing ADLs.

Medical terms- It is a mood disorder that can lead to loss of concentration, poor activity status and increased risk of social isolation and suicidal ideation.           

Four main causes:

Family history has not been established through studies; however, a greater prevalence was found in patients with a significant family history, With Mental health and Addiction and Chronic illness Medication/drug/ alcohol addiction causes chronic illness, heart failure, and extreme Depression.

Personality traits- Not been established through studies, yet under scrutiny. Environmental triggers that govern an individual to get affected in the long term, not able to share anything more or less or even tend to avoid real-life circumstances.

Are Addiction and Depression related?

When mental health issues are left untreated, substance abuse commences, through constant repetition of bad times and trauma, and when that's not treated at the right time, Addiction becomes support at the darkest times. Depression is one of the biggest risk factors for Addiction and vice-versa. Substance abuse can hinder rational thinking and key.

Decision-making. This can trigger feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, and sadness, altering the normal mood. Lack of evidence regarding biological relations between Depression and Addiction.

However, as Addiction impairs the normal physiological functioning of the brain, it is more likely to cause a depressive state of mood or rather condition of  Mental health and Addiction.

Vulnerable Patient Population

Youths- Observed more in men than women. Higher rates in the age group between 18-24. The main reason is peer pressure, mostly for pleasure-seeking for a temporary period. 

Children of addicts- Mainly due to the social environment, the child is born and brought up under Poor parental control. Since initial stages of Development impacts the mental health of the child. 

Factors that influence children of addicts

Patients with mental health issues- Mainly caused due to triggers. Common mental health conditions found related to the issue of Addiction include Depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD and alcohol and other related drug use tendencies. 

Patient with increased stress level- No such reason. It helps to calm them down. Once the Addiction commences, it can prolong a lifetime with poor recovery chances. SimranShri is one of the best counselling for depression centres for  Mental health and Addiction

About The Webinar Presenter


Dr Apoorva Kapoor is currently working as a Senior Executive Academic Research writer for Digiversal consultants. She has been awarded a master's in Physiotherapy and MBA in Hospital Administration. She has also bagged various certifications, including Lean, Yellow and Green Six Sigma. She is a certified healthcare professional with a dynamic working background of 10 years. She gained fruitful insight from various domestic and international set-ups during her tenure. She has a profound background in handling dynamic patient care for more than 6 years. She has been aligned with our organisation for the past 2.5 years. She has been an active participant in various projects of our company. 

What are the significant takeaways from the Addiction and Depression of the online webinar?

●    Decode the relationship between Depression and Addiction; There are plenty of treatment options, all of which can enhance your symptoms and undervalue their impact on your daily life.
●    Learn preventive measures to avoid habits and comorbidities. 
●    Bust the myths about Addiction and Depression. Best Counselling For Depression in the best way possible.

Myths related to Addiction: Our expert conducted a quiz; mentioned below are some of the Q&A that questions where we are moving today as a generation.

1.    Are people dependent on drugs always making wrong choices? 
2.    On a global scale, the majority of people do not consume drugs? 
3.    Do drugs have the same impact on men & women?
4.    Use of psychiatrist medication can be fun or safe for one try? 
5.    Drugs can not be used legitimately; all drugs are usually prohibited?

Prevention for drug addiction and risky behaviour can be commenced even before the child.

Is Addiction inborn? 

People with mental health issues must be treated with drugs rather than convicted for their crimes? Yes, society is mostly ignorant than being supportive of the same, Therapy for addiction treatment should be well kept in the routine of the individual suffering from the disease.

People having issues of drug abuse and use can never be completely treated? 

Most deaths from drug overdose prevented? 

Lists of some of the questions that put overall addiction and depression in the limelight seeing the current scenario.

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