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Defining Alcoholism And Problems Associated With It
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August 08, 2022

Alcoholism is nothing but too much dependence on alcohol and not being able to set certain boundaries. External factors such as peer pressure, constant clubbing, inability to turn down on loved ones or friends, Void, Loss of a loved one, Failure in business, Financial loss, Disparities, etc., are some of the factors that influence the drinking pattern of an individual. 

How Does An Individual Influence Alcohol Drinking? 

  • Social behavior is how people influence one another; the psychology of a drunk is all interrelated and dependent on social behaviors; an increase in aggression and anxiety is one of the reasons why people lose their minds are some of the side effects of alcohol consumption.  
  • According to the Research reflected by Pubmed ncbi these repercussions can evolve from the ideas regarding extreme alcohol consumption. Derived as alcoholism. There are many lesser-known facts about how alcohol affects behaviors.  
  • In layman's terms, it is explained that alcohol impairs the information and the ability to foresee negative effects of this response; as a reminder, such inhibition and standards seem to be emerging. 

Effects Of Alcohol In India

Consistent usage of alcohol can be harmful and affects the whole body system. It also affects the heart, pancreas, liver, and kidney as the alcohol takes time to digest maximum of 25 hours for it to detoxify from the body. 

  • As alcoholism is an illness, it dehydrates the body resulting in poor immune systems, irregular heartbeat, impaired immune response, poor digestion, poor vision, and poor listening ability and response to the situation. 
  • Alcoholism in India is increasing as a major public health problem in the country. Also termed chronic alcoholism, consumption of alcohol or alcohol abuse is highly prevalent in Indian society. It constantly results in huge losses in the form of dangerous physical health, resulting in absenteeism, accidents, various mental health issues, and aggressive behavior. 
  • Family history, problems in the family, e.g., Divorce, Family affairs, and loss of loved ones. 
  • Influential drinking from an early age arises the dopamine level in the body. 
  • Mental health issues, depression, anxiety, tremors, heart pulsations. 
  • Peer pressure, accompanied by friends with a great adrenaline rush. 
  • PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) 

How Common Is Indian Alcoholism 

Usage of alcohol is a very common notion in India; in some places, such as rural areas, it is highly prevalent and is sustaining for a long period due to its culture as well. Urban areas are also highly effective due to their great demand. Some factors that influence are: Stress, depression, and worries; its prevalence rates, as per various studies, vary from 23% to 74% in males in general. However, it's not common in females, but it has been observed to be prevalent at the rate of 24% to 48 % in females in certain sections of the population.

Risks Associated with Alcohol Drinking 

Some of the risks associated with alcohol abuse are when an individual loses focus on the actual scenario and starts hurting people close to them—aggression, anger, avoiding listening to each other, differences in opinion, and problems in socializing. 

Some of The Risk Factors In Alcoholism : 

  • High Blood pressure
  • Stroke 
  • Liver disease
  • Impaired immune system 
  • Digestion problem 
  • Mental health-related problems. 
  • Weakening of colon and rectum. 
  • Including high dementia
  • Lack of concentration while studying 
  • Losing eyesight 
  • Losing track of time 
  • Seizures, Tremors
  • Heart Pulsations

WHO Research And Assumptions About The Chronic Alcoholism 

According to WHO(World Health Organization), Alcohol gives birth to many health-related problems. It is home to more than 30 emerging conditions that contribute to many diseases, including cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and intentional and non-intentional injuries. 

According to WHO comparative risk assessments for alcohol, evidence the same has been accumulated it has severe impacts on the critical infectious diseases which are adversely affected by alcohol consumption: 

  • Cancer diabetes 
  • Neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Liver and Pancreas
  • Intentional injuries
  • Non-intentional injuries

Assumptions Of Alcohol Abuse According To the National Library Of Medicine 

  • For the last 40 years, alcohol has gained popularity in the treatment of illicit usage of drugs in any form. The study reflects through the National Institute Of Alcohol Abuse And Alcoholism.
  • Numerous treatments are available within the course of recovery (NIAAA). It provides all kinds of treatment, including behavioral treatment (CBT) also pharmacological treatment available to people.
  • Numerous studies have been conducted and going on for four decades to understand chronic health-related problems and possible treatments in regards to the same. 
  • They aim that more people come and take treatment with the novel mechanisms. They introduce strategies in medication through which people observe and experience the last long results from the research conducted to understand the true potential factors that withhold potentially modifiable operators. 

Some of the best rehabilitation centers in Delhi facilitate numerous addiction recovery plans that offer mental health disorder services and boost recovery from all kinds of substance abuse and alcohol addiction. Providing best-in-class therapy and treatment with a 12-step recovery program covers the overall program specifically designed in the patient's interest that is required in the treatment process. 

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