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Know Why Therapy Is Essential in Treating Addiction
February 04, 2022


Group therapy for addiction recovery offers individual peer support and allows them to feel more connected to others and less lonely. While group therapy is an indispensable part of any de-addiction program, the success of a treatment plan is built on the foundation of a personalized approach.

At SimranShri rehabilitation centre, we provide individual and group therapy for a well rounded and comprehensive treatment plan. The individual therapies are tailored to the needs of each individual. This approach of highly individualized care provides successful outcomes for each of our residents, whom we lovingly address as our family members.

Dive in to find out the importance of group therapy and individual therapy for addiction recovery. 

Individual therapy for addiction

Why is Individual Therapy in Addiction Treatment Important?

The detoxification process deals with the physical recovery from drugs; therapy addresses the emotional and psychological needs of the individual in recovery. Most individuals develop an addiction due to self-medicating their stressors, emotions or unresolved emotions. So once an individual gets the substance out of their system, these triggers and thoughts need to be unpacked. Individual therapy for substance abuse helps put those pieces back, equips the individuals to address their challenges, and functions effectively in all spheres of life.

 Continued therapy helps sustain recovery and avoid relapse. Several stressors can trigger a response. These triggers addressed in individual therapy include:

●    Situational stressors: therapy offers a change in perspective, thus, developing constructive ways to deal with work, family, relationships, and other life stressors.

●    Environmental stressors: visiting places or situations where one consumed drugs or alcohol might trigger the old pattern and behaviour. These include visiting the bar, neighbourhood, restaurant or other areas tied to addictive behaviours. Healthy coping mechanisms need to be built to go through such situations; individual therapy for addiction helps individuals learn these styles. 

●    Social cues: meeting friends and attending social events where individuals continue to drink or intake drugs can be tough. An individual might succumb to peer pressure. Therapy teaches individuals to navigate these tough situations and maintain healthy social relationships.

The Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India offers a range of therapies to help recovery seekers. Apart from individual therapy, one is also provided regular group therapy. 

Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction

Substance abuse group therapy has been central to de-addiction programs for several decades and has proven effective.

Here are some of the benefits of drug therapy for addiction:

●    Participating in group therapy means that you will get motivated by every individual in the group to set goals and achieve them towards drug recovery.

●    A member participating in group therapy might discuss a problem that is similar to yours. Listening to individuals offering solutions might help you see your situation in another light. And your problem can get solved easily. 

●    One can experiment with new behaviours while participating in group therapy. You can experiment with new thought processes in a protected environment before stepping out in the real world. When you observe individuals going through the same situation, your sense of loneliness and feeling alone in your thoughts vanishes.

●    Humans are built to evolve amid their contemporaries, be it o=in a workplace or families where individuals function hand in hand. Why should overcoming addiction be any different?

●    The Best 12 Step Program For Addiction follows AA/NA meetings that are a form of group therapy for addiction recovery that helps individuals stay on the path of sobriety post their treatment completion.

Detoxification is the beginning of a long road ahead to teach you how to manage cravings and prevent relapse. Group and Individual therapy for addiction recovery is a mainstay for combating addictions. Cognitive behavioural therapy, behavioural therapy, family counselling and several other therapies help one sustain sobriety. Be it the best alcohol rehabilitation centre or the best cocaine de-addiction treatment centre; no addiction treatment program is successful without therapy.

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