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Family Therapy For Addiction And their Role In Handling Conflicts
Addiction Treatment
June 14, 2022


Family counselling plays a very crucial role in understanding family therapy for addiction; individuals who are suffering cannot hold the symphony of life in a broader perspective; in these terms, family counselling plays a crucial role. Many of the family members or people around have created an impression in their mind that one's an addict is always an addict; it's a taboo among people. The ray of hope seems to diminish over time due to constant turnoff from a patient's actions. While the sufferer keeps suffering, they keep doing that because the brain of an addict keeps focusing on the same result to the constant denial from the family. For instance, stopping them from talking to someone, the more someone stops, the more they are inclined towards the same. Likewise, the addition of any substantial resistance to change is difficult.


We believe that something is wrong with addiction; know why? 

-People have different perspectives on who are going through addiction; one should not punish them from the perspective of the addict they are suffering from. Instead one should educate about addiction likewise family therapy for addiction.

-When someone is in addiction, the brain works like a machine; two powerful hormones trigger the brain: serotonin and dopamine, which trigger the mood of an addict. Family support for addiction plays a crucial role in treating addiction and knowing in-depth.

-If someone depends on the same meal, the body feels good and creates pleasure and increased craving. Consuming and inhaling drugs are some of the roots of addiction. They get dependent slowly. The brain has a habit of eating good food called dopamine. 

-Serotine triggers mood hormones; artificial triggering in the brain doesn't help and ruins physical health. If not getting that, they slowly move towards depression. 

What role of a family in the prevention of drug abuse?

Family members are enablers.

Instead of self-sabotaging, one should be taken care of; the smallest thing you do to save a patient is enable family therapy for addiction is one of the treatment plans for patients and their family in trying every possible way to protect the patient. Then people tend to bring them home and let them rest, and speaking for them in their workplace to save them is one example of enabling. Instead of curing, we cover up for them because they feel they have backed up intentionally.

  • -Lost child: There are many dynamics of lost children; they are rebellious, and they become blind followers, so when they feel right, they consume drugs, and the definition of relationships also changes for them. Explicit engagement with a role model, struggle with relationships, they are rebellious in everything.
  • -Hyper independence: An addict who relies on themselves they don't seek for themselves. These people struggle in their relationship, as it requires emotional intimacy. They have kept their emotions intact or shoved them under the table. When they open up, they feel anxiety. 
  • -MASCOT: These are the people who struggle the most and can express emotions which are reflected in their behaviour. Even about their own company, they laugh even about their suffering and try to make fun of their situation. They feel alive and harsh, experience a father struggling, a mother struggling, impacts in addiction, and they see their mother and father struggling.  
  • -HERO: Harsh decision people send their child to rehab. The hero understands the treatment and stays with it. Out of love, parents are struggling. 
  • Entertaining comfort in the rehab. safe zone
  • Messiah complex: A state of mind that I'm destined to become the saviour; maximum help providers are females, and most of them are mothers who are in a mature state of mind as mothers play the most crucial role. They suffer from their loss to save the world. 

Depression and addiction go hand in hand because things sabotage happiness and hormones; patients tend to depend on drugs because it brings them happiness and calmness.

Mothers also feel feeble when they send their loved ones to rehab and call them back. Doing things out of love, one should take a patient as an individual and understand that you are managing two different lives under the management and prevention of drug abuse. It sometimes gets difficult the same as with men, but in comparison, females suffer the most.

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Talk to a family member; one should always seek support and talk to their loved ones. 

One should show compassion and avoid saying no as they will deny doing the same thing family therapy for addiction suggests they are not a problem but have a problem. 

Remember, addiction is treatable and is not a character flaw; it can happen to anyone. Some people are more prone to addiction than others hence family addiction and counselling are beneficial.

Addiction is treatable whenever someone wants it.

Helping someone dealing with addiction, struggling with their routine, or even some chores become difficult to do. Talk to a family member who understands.
Some vent out things about themselves, and one should have compassion and tell them that you are there for them. One should support and educate them about addiction if they want to quit.

Avoiding myths about addiction and accepting it is not wrong but an illness and can happen to anyone, e.g., Stealing things, even criminals. As nobody chooses to be a criminal in the first place, they have changed because of their experiences and occurrences. 

It’s an art of management and prevention of drug abuse it seeks fabricated and seems to be naturally occurring if one follows the same.

Types of Parenting 

Understanding the family dynamics

  • Authoritative: They blame their child, and a child will absorb the information; they are the children who end up being sick of themselves. They are more inclined and have more intact emotions.
  • Authoritarian parents will give their children but tell them to take care of themselves and give them expectations and responsibilities. They are never expected to fulfil their responsibilities. They are never expected to take care of the family until they are adults. If the child is not studying, they will let it go as long as they pass.
  • Permissive: They have no boundaries but are very much involved in their friend's life and know what they are doing and what they are searching for on their mobile phones.
  • Uninvolved: They have no boundaries and very little support; likewise, they have punishment for wrongdoing. 

Family therapy for addiction and conditioning

If you are someone who is struggling and holding back their emotions and getting over anything if it's too late especially when substance abuse triggers, one has the chance that alcohol and addiction come as an escape. If one is in rehab, it is necessary to take therapy and let your child get a chance to get a cure. Role of a family in prevention of drug abuse, If one also practises family addiction counselling, one should take care of the health and no violence should evoke due to such factors. 

In family addiction counselling, one should be able to share financial problems and family problems. Likewise, there should be no judgement and no intervention of any sort which affects an individual's emotions. 

Educate yourself and be open about family support for addiction; without awareness, one does not understand their environment as rehabilitation provides a homely environment and maximum services with hygienic space, food and lodging and psychiatrist consultations. Detoxification of treatment centres in India

– Well-qualified doctors and staff are available 24*7
– 24*7 ambulance service
– Good sanitation facility
– Newspaper and library facility
– Healthy and hygienic food
– Tea breaks with snacks
– Lawn for walking and exercise
– Fire extinguisher for emergency purposes
– Family counselling sessions

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