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What Are 5 Ways To Improve Mental Health
April 04, 2022


We commonly hear people talk about setting physical fitness goals and thriving hard to meet them. While it's undoubtedly an important goal, what about one's mental health? It is an equally important component of an individual's overall well-being and requires strict adherence to the tips to improve mental health. Mental health lays the foundation of a healthy life and shapes one's perception. Research also shows a link between heart diseases and mental health.

This blog will examine how to assess mental health and ways to improve mental health.

tips to improve mental health

How to Assess Mental Health?

When you're feeling unwell, you instinctively check your body temperature and check if you have a fever. This works well for assessing physical problems, but how do you screen for mental health?

The best way to assess your mental health is to check the common symptoms that indicate a mental health problem. These symptoms include:

●    Anxiety
●    Insomnia
●    Appetite Changes
●    Uncharacteristic Behaviours
●    Difficulty in Concentration
●    Social Withdrawal
●    Mood Swings
●    Irritability
●    Thoughts of Suicide or Harming Others
●    Disconnection from Personal Community
●    Apathy
●    Hypersensitivity
●    Sadness (without a trigger)
●    Substance Abuse

If you are experiencing one or more of those symptoms mentioned above for a prolonged time, you need to seek help from a professional and start using the hands-on tips to improve mental health.

Ways to Improve Mental Health

We know it's easier said than done- maintaining or improving mental health is challenging. Every year, individuals across the globe struggle with mental health issues, irrespective of dealing or not dealing with a life event triggering their mental health issues.

Try the following activities to improve mental health to combat these mental health issues and lead a happier life.

Look After Your Physical Health

Mental health and physical health are connected, so to improve mental health, you can look after your physical health in the following ways:

Physical activity. Regular exercise releases the "happy hormone'', serotonin, that regulates one's mood and significantly reduces feelings of depression and stress.

Adequate sleep. Sleep affects one's mood. An individual gets grumpy when they don't get adequate sleep. Prolonged negligence in maintaining sleep hygiene results in depression. It is important to maintain a healthy sleep cycle and get sound sleep every day.

Eating clean. "You are what you eat". Eating a healthy and well-balanced diet reflects one's physical and mental health. Optimum nutrition helps reduce anxiety and stress. At the same time, nutrition deficiency could cause mental health problems. For instance, low levels of vitamin B12 are linked with depression. 

Prioritise Your Happiness

Make a list of what truly ignites your soul and makes you happy and what does not. Start prioritising the things that evoke happiness in you and abstain from things that leave you feeling miserable. If your job feels unsatisfactory, go on and find a new one. If scrolling through social media leaves you feeling lonely, then unplug. If you enjoy painting, spend some time painting. 

This might come across as cliche, but it happens more often than we realise. Getting caught in the monotonous loop of one's routine keeps one from indulging in activities that improve mental health, making one depressed over time. 

Pay Attention to Yourself

Life is often demanding, especially if you are a caregiver or a parent; you might unknowingly begin putting your needs secondary. While this might be essential at times, do not let this become a habit. Consciously set time apart for yourself, focus on your needs, and indulge in what you enjoy. You will soon witness how these small breaks instantly rejuvenate you and boost your mood. 

Develop Healthy Coping Styles

Taking on alcohol or drugs might appear as a quick escape from unwanted feelings or life events. But these, in the long run, worsen one's condition and results in an individual developing an addiction. Eventually, one needs a dual diagnosis treatment to address both conditions. Instead of chugging alcohol, try healthy coping styles and tips to improve mental health, such as meditating, trekking, exercising, journaling, or spending time with a loved one.

Seek Professional Help

Sometimes individuals cannot conquer their demons themselves; this is when the Best Mental Health Counselling Services steps in. There is no shame in seeking help for mental health disorders; it is as normal as visiting a general physician when you have a physical ailment. Seeking help from a professional improves mental health.

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