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How does a Nasha Mukti Kendra Works
December 27, 2021


According to experts, abuse is when you cross the line between "I drinking for fun" and "drinking is my way of having fun." When you are in the company of loved ones and drinking to celebrate some special occasion, but you are not sure when to stop, this is the sign of alcohol abuse and not its use.

While these are some general symptoms, you can notice in yourself or someone you care for struggling with an alcohol disorder. Alcohol abuse or addiction is a disorder that needs attention. Alcohol causes brain structure and function changes, so it becomes hard to quit. But it is important to understand at what level of dependency you are and if it is time for you to seek Nasha Mukti registration. Ask yourself the below-mentioned questions; if most of the answers are a "Yes," then you should seek addiction treatment.

  • Are you a binge drinker, consuming a large amount in a short period?
  • Heavy drinker, having alcohol regularly?
  • Starting at a young age, and now it is hard to quit?
  • Drinking because of peer influence and now cannot quit?

Nasha Mukti Kendra offers medications, psychological therapies, and indigenous therapies to help individuals break the shackles of addiction. Nasha Mukti Kendra in noida is equipped with experienced doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists that curate personalized treatment plans for you or your loved ones that enable the individual's recovery.

Nasha Mukti Kendra Process

Dealing With Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol dependence is excessive alcohol consumption for a prolonged period when you find yourself drinking habitually and cannot imagine sustaining life without alcohol. The person consuming alcohol might develop tolerance and exhibit withdrawal symptoms when trying to cut. Behaviours like oversleeping, repeatedly arriving late to work, forgetting plans and targets, becoming argumentative with people around you, not taking care of personal hygiene are all signs that alcohol withdrawal makes it hard for you to manage everyday life. Other potential risks of alcohol abuse include:

  • Injuries
  • Violence
  • Cancer
  • Chronic disease ( heart failure, liver, and pancreas damage)
  • risky sexual behaviour
  • miscarriage and stillbirth

Physical alcohol dependence also makes psychological changes in individuals, personality changes and behaviours like lying, abusing, and hiding becomes noticeable in addicts.

What Happens In a Nasha Mukti Kendra?

It is easy to think that you can manage alcohol dependence independently, but the decision is not easy to take and can be hard to follow. People trying to do things alone because of the stigma it carries might be stuck in the cycle for a long time. India has around fifty million who need help with alcohol addiction, but only 2-3% can get alcohol dependence treatment. In extreme cases, prolonged addiction can cause many severe diseases like organ failure, heart attack, coma, and death. Taking proper treatment at the right time is very important; the Nasha Mukti process is an amalgamation of the following:

Medication: Patients are given medicines during withdrawal management; it eases the withdrawal symptoms, pain, and discomfort experienced by the individuals. Once the detoxification is over, the treatment seekers can be off medications. These medications are safe and facilitate addiction recovery; they in no way are addictive or harmful for patients.

Psychological therapies: Patients are given various treatments to address underlying issues and comorbid mental conditions that lead to addictions. These therapies help individuals overcome stress, identify their triggers, and learn to manage their triggers and cravings. Successful therapies also prevent future relapse giving life a new meaning.

Indigenous Therapies: Alternative therapies that complement the addiction treatment plan are also given to the patients. These alternative forms range from art, music, dance, gardening to yoga, meditation, and mindfulness, among many others. Treatment plans are incomplete without integrating a holistic approach and a supportive environment.

 The best Nasha Mukti Kendra serves all those mentioned above to the treatment seekers to achieve the common goal of addiction recovery.

Benefits Of Nasha Mukti Kendra

Nasha Mukti Kendra is the solution to all the perils of those trying to break the shackles of addiction. Treating addiction cannot be accomplished without seeking help from a Nasha Mukti Kendra; it assures you of the following:

Peaceful environment

People are offered a supportive environment, surrounded by people who motivate them and help them grow. Starting phase might seem difficult, but once you understand the centre's mission, it is no longer a problem. Staying away from home helps individuals recover faster since it saves them from situations, individuals, and circumstances that trigger them to continue drug abuse. Also, relapse is more likely to occur when the substance is easily accessible to a user, which is beyond the realms of possibility in a Nasha Mukti Kendra.


Individuals learn about the addiction, triggers, and techniques to manage cravings and avoid relapse. Talking to experts helps you gain a new perspective and reshapes your life for the better. It is key to the betterment as awareness makes the process effortless and the possibility of relapse bleak.

Individualized program:

Every person is at a different severity of addiction, experiencing varied comorbid conditions, and thus, needs a different kind of care. Hence in rehab centres, the maintenance is customized based on your need according to the type of treatment that will help you recover.


You are always under the supervision of mental health doctors,  professionals and management staff who understand your pain and will offer you the required attention, support, and medical care.


Post-recovery care is one of the most significant aspects of recovery from alcohol abuse or addiction. Although it is easy to quit drinking under guidance as there are no real-life problems, it may not be easy to get out and persevere. Therefore, you should take professional aftercare. Your Nasha Mukti Kendra should allow you to participate in regular AA meetings, treatment sessions, and programs to keep you in average condition.

Let us normalize taking help from the experts and seeking treatment from Nasha Mukti Kendra in Delhi NCR. Individuals are different with addiction treatment; some are fine with medicine, and some need assistance. Taking that first step will be the most challenging task of all, but that first step is what will change your life for the better. When we talk about help, talking only about physical health is not right; mental health disorder should be an equal priority. So let us start that care at home, break this stigma, and help people for betterment.

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