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Understanding The Nature Of Addiction And How It Works?
February 08, 2022


You must have noticed how your addiction affects the other parts of your life. And you feel motivated to regain control of your life by taking charge of your addictive behaviour. There is a high probability that you never intended to develop an addiction as you never knew "how does addiction work”. You must have thought you’re just enjoying and can stop whenever you want.

Individuals trying to quit drugs are taken aback by how difficult it can be. They often wonder, why can't I stop?

Please don't be so harsh on yourself; it's not you. It's the nature of addiction that makes it challenging. This blog will help you understand why quitting addiction is hard. It also covers the best methods to control addiction

how does addiction work

Understanding Addiction

Substance use disorder impacts the frontal complex of the brain, altering one's judgement, impulse control and reward system of the brain. These changes in the brain make overcoming addiction difficult.

The alteration of one's judgement can make them justify their addiction as:

●    Denial- “ I don’t have a problem.”
●    Minimization-"I have reduced the number of drinks."
●    Comparison- “My uncle drinks much more than I do”, “Pollution will anyway  kill humans!”
●    Defiance- "I'd rather live a short yet happy life than quit and be miserable."
●    Rationalization- "I can bear the expenses of my addiction, I'm not a liability on anyone", "I feel more confident when I'm drunk."
●    Misinformation- "It has health benefits", "cancer doesn't run in genes", "drinking calms the mind."
●    Taking behaviour out of context- "Polygamy is acceptable in some cultures."
●    Glorification- "the kings and queens used to", " the Mughal rulers had many wives."

Biological, emotional, physical, and social factors can make quitting difficult. This complexity is why one isn't successful in quitting addiction themselves and needs to take support of a treatment centre.

Remember that addiction is treatable; with the right sources and plan, one can recover. Although it is a long and complicated process, you can still quit the addiction. 

What Is The Best Method To Control Addiction?

Addiction not only depends on the nature of the drug but also factors such as genetics, environmental stressors and underlying mental health disorders. To prevent addiction, one should try the following ways:

●    Understanding how addiction develops. Substance use disorder can begin with recreational use, looking forward to intoxication, and abusing prescribed drugs.

●    Avoid cravings and peer pressure. Avoid individuals who force you to intake drugs or alcohol at all costs, be it, family or friends. You must have heard the adage, "we become most like those we surround ourselves with" if your company uses drugs, there is a high probability that you will start too. Learn to say no, be assertive and avoid those who do not respect your decision or belittle you.

●    Seek help for mental disorders. Addiction is closely associated with mental disorder comorbidity. The best alcohol rehab centre in India has reported mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic disorders as a leading cause of addiction. Instead of seeking help from mental health professionals, individuals take on drugs to manage their stressors. This worsens their mental disorder and develops an addiction.

●    Examine the risk factors. Study your family history of mental disorders and addictions; these are known to run in one's genes. Once you know them, you can avoid addiction by refraining from drugs and taking preventive measures such as lifestyle modification. 

●    Keeping a well-balanced life. Individuals take on drugs to fill the void of missing things or manage their stressors. Inculcate stress management techniques to overcome stress, and make sure to exercise daily. Being goal-oriented will help you stay focused and avoid these hindrances posed by drug and alcohol intake.

How Long to Rewire the Brain from Addiction?

The duration of time required to rewire one’s brain depends on the following factors:

●    Length of drug intake 
●    Type of substance used
●    Severity of addiction
●    Co-occurring mental health issues

For some individuals, recovery may be achieved at the end of the rehabilitation process, while for others, it might take a while.

Addiction recovery is life-long; even after the treatment is over, one must work each day to maintain sobriety and improve quality of life. The Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre India provides aftercare and ongoing support to those recovered. It includes counselling sessions and AA/NA meetings. Attending AA/NA meetings can help individuals recall their de-addiction experiences and their transformation- which is one of the best ways never to want to return. Indulging in physical exercise and using the healthy coping styles learnt at the best Nasha Mukti Kendra in India can help manage the drug-seeking triggers.

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