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The Benefits of Effective Counselling For Mental Health
Health Counselling
February 10, 2022


According to the world health organization, mental health is a state of well-being where individuals recognize their potential. Individuals can work productively, maintain harmonious relationships, contribute to society and healthily manage their stressors. Individuals eat clean, hit the gym, and take all measures to be physically fit but often neglect their mental health. To reach one's potential, the mind and body need to be healthy. The mind and body function as one; neglecting either of the two hinders productivity.

Mental health is more than the absence of any mental disorder. It is an integral part of one’s well-being because an unhealthy mind results in the inability of the body to function well. The WHO advocates the importance of taking care of mental health; getting acquainted with the importance of Counselling in mental health is the first step to prioritize it. Continue reading to learn more about mental health and Counselling.

how does Counselling help mental health

Types of Counselling

There are several types of Counselling; one might wonder which one is the best? Well, the best kind of Counselling varies from individual to individual. The therapist works hand in hand without the individual narrowing down their therapy option; that is how one finds the most effective type of Counselling for themselves. Some of the counsellings include:

●    Cognitive behavioural therapy: based on the idea that one's actions and feelings are governed by their thinking. The mental health professional changes one's thought process to feel and behave better. It is commonly used in depression and anxiety counselling online.

●    Behaviour therapy: this therapy addresses the unhealthy or unwanted behaviour possessed by the individual. Behavioural modification is fascinated through reinforcements and rewards. For example, individuals set goals for themselves in counselling sessions, rewarded for meeting those goals.

●    Group therapy: A safe and confidential setting wherein individuals with common problems or situations come together to share their experiences. It is led by experienced personnel. This therapy aims to motivate individuals as they witness others sail through the same situation as theirs. Group therapy is widely used in de-addiction programs for individuals to support each other and sustain their recovery.

●     Psychoanalysis: This therapy allows individuals to dive into their pasts based on the idea that our current behaviour and feelings reflect our past. There are unresolved issues of the past that have led to the present problems or disorders. An experienced therapist helps one learn about the reasons, that is, past unresolved experiences.

Effect of Counselling on Mental Health

Mental health and Counselling have a very strong relationship; Counselling helps an individual in several ways; here are a few reasons that add to the importance of Counselling in mental health:

●    Understanding one’s condition. Best mental health counselling services educate individuals about their ongoing psychological conditions. As one proceeds with the counselling session, the therapist helps them understand the causes of their conditions or diseases.

●    Face challenges. Counselling helps individuals face the challenges and stressors in their lives. Learning about the condition and its causes inculcating healthy ways to deal with each is central to Counselling.

●    Change one’s behaviour. Therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy, popularly used as best stress management counselling, help individuals recognize their triggers and negative ideations; once an individual learns to identify them, it replaces the negative ideation with positive ones. The therapy further equips individuals with strategies and techniques to combat stressors.

●    Makes space for healing. Accepting oneself, with all the imperfections, mistakes of the past and disorders is indispensable to recovery. Individuals often struggle to let go of the past; here is when Counselling for mental health comes to the rescue of the individual. It frees one from the chains of the past, holding them back and simultaneously builds the strengths and solutions one needs to tackle similar problems in future.

●    Alleviate stress. Getting in touch with a counsellor who lends you their ear, empathizes and understands you sans judgement alleviates stress. To release what one has been holding up their chest gives a sense of relief. Subsequently, gather the strength to accept and embrace the required changes.

 With the provision of online mental health counselling in India, you can attend counselling sessions at the comfort of your couch. Prioritize your mental health and do not hold back from asking for help.

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