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Best Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi for Drug and Alcohol Addicts
January 24, 2022


In addition to stopping substance addiction, the best rehabilitation centre in Delhi aims to help individuals restore their lost quality of life- productivity at work, community, and harmonious relationships within family and friends. According to research, individuals undergoing rehabilitation treatment for a considerable amount of time stop drug intake and exhibit an improvement in their professional and personal lives. 

Drug or alcohol treatment in Delhi offers psychological interventions and medications that help individuals recover. They aim to treat the individual and not the disease; this is accomplished with the help of a holistic approach, which imparts life-long benefits.

The nature of the disorder makes initial self-management difficult; the individual needs the support of a rehab to reach the stage where they can sustain their recovery. Wondering why? Dive in for a deeper understanding of addiction, its impact, and the absolute necessity of rehabilitation care.

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Factors of Drug Addiction

One might wonder why some fall prey to addictions while others do not. Every individual has a unique body and brain, which reacts differently to drugs. Some might develop an addiction instantly or after prolonged use, while some might not develop one. This depends on the following three factors: 

Biological factors-Genes play an important role in determining how likely one is to develop an addiction. Ethnicity, gender, and the existing mental disorders also affect the factors for drug addiction.

Environmental factors- An individual's surroundings, such as their peers, parental guidance, history of traumatic events or sexual abuse, etc., may become the underlying cause of addiction that are addressed in counselling sessions at the drug de-addiction centre in Delhi.

Developmental factors- Interaction of biological and environmental factors at the developmental stages of one's life affects the probability of addiction. Mere experimenting can bring about addiction; early exposure to drugs leads to the fast progression of addiction. Specifically for teenagers, given that their brain functions of self-awareness, judgment, and decision-making are still developing, they're prone to risky behaviours, including experimenting with alcohol or drugs.

De-addiction treatment centres in Delhi can help individuals struggling with addiction regardless of its causes.

Why Is It Necessary to take help from a Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi?

Every individual, either suffering from addiction or helping someone with addiction, has come across the query," why can't you control yourself?". There is a reason one could not stop themselves and need to depend on drug or alcohol rehabilitation centres in Delhi to break the chain of addiction successfully.

Drugs without delay impact the "reward circuit" of the mind, flooding it with dopamine; as a result, a surge of pleasure or "euphoria" is experienced. The brain's reward system further motivates the individuals to repeat the behaviour required to thrive - spending time with loved ones or relishing food and unhealthy behaviour like drug intake.

Individuals then continue their drug intake while the brain adapts to the quantity and desires a higher intake to respond similarly to it. This is why the individual doesn't experience the "kick" that they first used to consume much less quantity - this is referred to as a tolerance. Thus, they increase their consumption to attain identical outcomes. Detoxification helps individuals get rid of physical tolerance by cleansing the system, but this alone cannot treat addiction. Best Rehabilitation centres in Delhi offer detoxification and psychological interventions such as stress management counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, etc., to address the underlying causes and maladaptive behaviours that result in addiction.

Prolonged heavy dosage also affects the following brain’s ability:

●    Judgment
●    Stress
●    Behaviour
●    Learning
●    Decision - making
●    Memory

Drug or Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre helps individuals break these chains of addiction with the help of a person-centred treatment approach. Just like one shoe size doesn't fit all, one treatment program doesn't help all. Each individual's treatment plan should be curated as per their mental assessment physical and emotional needs; medications and Drug Addiction Counselling should address these needs for a long-lasting recovery.

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