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Overcome Addiction Through Nasha Mukti Kendra
Addiction Treatment
February 19, 2022


Materializing the goal of achieving sobriety is challenging; there are many obstacles on the road to recovery from addiction. As individuals notice the ill effects of drugs on their lives and become more aware of their need to combat addiction, their ambivalence tends to increase. While initially, one struggles with denial, it later shifts to uncertainty about seeking treatment. Bridging the gap between deciding to change and materializing the change can be learnt from a behavioural change model; the transtheoretical model explains that making a change starts from pre-contemplation and moves to contemplation.

We will break down the pre-contemplation and contemplation process to help you get prepared for healing from addiction effectively. This blog will guide you through the transformation from taking the first step to recovery from addiction to the final step of seeking help from a rehabilitation centre.

road to recovery from addiction

First Step to Recovery from Addiction

Falling prey to addiction is not an indicator of weak morals, a flaw in character or individual weakness, and overcoming addiction isn't achieved solely through willpower. Prolonged substance abuse alters the brain function and structure, resulting in uncontrollable drug intake urges that makes sobriety appear unattainable. But recovery is not beyond the realms of possibility, regardless of the addiction severity or the number of failed attempts to abstinence. With the Best Drug Addiction Treatment Centre and support, change is accomplishable. 

The first step to recovery from addiction is deemed the toughest among the individuals struggling with addiction. This step recognizes that one has a problem and musters the strength to address this problem. It's human to feel rattled with uncertainty about how to recover from drug addiction, are they prepared to start their recovery journey, or do they possess what it takes to combat addiction, etc. If someone is addicted to a prescription drug, they may feel concerned about how they will get treated for their medical condition. It's ok to feel lost. Committing to sobriety needs changes in one's life; these include:

●    Dealing with life stressors
●    Whom one allows in their lives
●    How one spends their free time
●    How one assesses their self-worth
●    The over-the-counter or prescribed medications one consumes

One faces conflicting thoughts about drug abstinence and seeking help from a drug or alcohol abuse treatment centre, despite experiencing the repercussions of drug abuse. The road to recovery from addiction demands motivation, time, support, and an undying commitment to change; only then can one combat addiction and reclaim their life. 

Points to Ponder for Healing From Addiction:

●    Maintain a record of drug use patterns- add the quantity and time of drug intake. This will help you notice the role played by addiction in one’s life.
●    Make a list of the pros and cons of abstaining from drugs, as well as the costs and benefits of continuing drug intake.
●    Remind yourself of the things that hold importance in your life; these could be your family, spouse, children, career, or health. How is your addiction influencing each of these aspects?
●    Ask a confidante about their opinion on your drug use.
●    Introspect what is stopping you from quitting drugs. How can you address those issues?

How to Recover from Addiction?

Once you gather the answers for healing addiction, you should prepare for the change. Here are five keys to addiction recovery that will prepare you to materialize your goal:

●    Recall the reasons you ought to change.
●    Reflect on your past failed attempts and determine what worked and what didn't.
●    Remove the elements that remind you of your addiction from your workspace, home, and other frequently visited spaces.
●    Set specific and measurable goals, for example, the dates or limits of your drug intake.
●    Surround yourself with family and friends that support you through your road to recovery from addiction.

Explore Addiction Treatment Options

Once the individual is committed to sobriety, they should explore the treatment options available at the Best Nasha Mukti Kendra Delhi NCR. A Successful de-addiction program typically consists of the following elements:

Detoxification: Cleansing the body from drug toxins and residues and withdrawal symptoms management.

Behavioural counselling: A range of therapies such as individual, group and family therapies are used to identify and manage addiction triggers, address the family and interpersonal issues and teach healthy coping styles.

Medication: Used to ease the distress caused by withdrawal symptoms, reduce the cravings and treat the co-occurring mental disorder such as depression and anxiety.

Aftercare: Helps an individual prevent relapse and sustain sobriety. This entails regular group therapies in alcoholic anonymous or narcotics anonymous meetings.

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