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Know How Depression Is Affecting Public Figures or Celebrities
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June 20, 2022


Also called Major Depressive Disorder, depression is a mental health disorder that negatively impacts how individuals feel, behave and think. Depression is often observed in our country as a term used by persons who cannot face simple life problems. Such a mindset has defeated innumerable souls into deep distress and has kept the critical topics away from discussions in the majority.

However, depression does not discriminate among the gender, race and ethnicity. An individual might have everything in the world but might feel lonely and empty and require assistance. This is the situation individuals find hard to understand; depression is limited to those with insufficient substantial belongings.

Young adolescents often experience an alteration in their mental and physical bodies and how they think. Depression causes intense feelings of sadness, hopelessness, guilt, emptiness and shameful behaviour. Individuals with depression might lose interest in activities and things they were previously enjoying. However, it is a mental illness that depression could manifest itself both mentally and emotionally. Various individuals struggle with this disorder but are unaware of how to discuss their issues and reach out for help. While some think of mental health issues as difficult for crowds, some with the limelight shining brightly down on them struggle similarly. Even plenty of famous celebrities with depression and anxiety are required to learn how to best cope with the symptoms while also coping with fame. We are sharing a list of celebrities with depression that might surprise you.

Famous Personalities of Bollywood Who Battled Depression


However, this might shock you; there are various famous personalities with depression. Our list of celebrities who suffer from this condition further proves that mental illness does not differentiate and could happen to anyone. Whether you have been impacted by this condition and require motivation or are just curious, below are some celebrities who struggle with depression and their stories.

Deepika Padukone

It is the first time a Bollywood actress has chosen to come out in the open and declare her mental status to everyone. She addressed the whole world and discussed how she suffered from serious depression due to the failed relationship and how the complete illness took a toll on her. The actress was at her career peak and was very familiar that this could impact her profession. Still, she cared a little and gave out ways to cope for the individuals suffering from similar situations or other famous people with mental illnesses.       

Amitabh Bachchan

Bollywood superstar has also been a victim of depression and anxiety. In 1996, the actor turned producer and opened a company named ABCL which did not work well. In addition, due to his back-to-back flop movies, he got bankrupt and entered a phase of deep depression. However, the actor revived from his mental illness himself and also revived his acting career and achieved what he is today.

Shah Rukh Khan

It is shocking to determine that a star as big as Shah Rukh Khan could suffer from mental illness. The actor revealed that he had passed a terrible and depressing phase during the year 2010 during his shoulder injury. The actor revealed that during several hospital visits for his shoulder injury, he had entered into a depressing phase. He thought he would not be able to give similar performances on-screen, which landed him into depression and stress. Although the actor recovered from his mental and emotional well-being issues, every one of us knows what he is today.

Sanjay Dutt

Always surrounded by controversial statements, the actor faced various difficulties compared to other famous people and depression has attacked him severely. After he lost his mother and wife due to cancer, subsequently followed by the allegations posed by the Indian government for his involvement in 'Mumbai blasts during 1993', which has landed him in jail for a long duration and his addiction to substance abuse. The actor revealed that his imprisonment had landed him into depression and anxiety. Even the actor's friend once revealed that he could not sleep properly and seemed quite depressed.

Treatment Of Depression In Adults

The most efficient treatment of depression among adults starts with the proper diagnosis by medical professionals. The next step is generally a combination of psychotherapies and medications. The psychotherapeutic treatment assists you in dealing with depression, and even famous actors with depression. It delivers suggestions on improving connections and permitting others with depression to recognize the important triggers and indicators of depressive episodes.

Dealing with depressive episodes in an individual is a difficult task, no matter who you are. Even famous personalities with depression understand the significance of professional treatment and diagnosis for recovery. At SimranShri rehabilitation centre, our counselling experts provide quality mental health counselling and know how to help them and solve their mental health issues to encourage them to live a healthy and happy life.

For more information on mental health and addiction, call us now at +919958024680 or email us at Our mental health professionals will help you eliminate all the inconsistencies.

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