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What Is The Role Of Family In Maintaining Mental Health
June 27, 2022


Families are complicated. Some individuals are in constant touch and converse with their family members every day, while other family members might be detached and meet only during holidays

When someone is stressed with mental health issues, their connections with family members might be spoiled or strained; however, family support and assistance could relieve all the differences in the recovery journey.

For many individuals, family support for mental health patients goes simultaneously. Research evidence even reported that most patients with serious mental disorders stated that their families were the main sources of strength. When difficulties with your family arise, or your associations with your loved ones are problematic, your mental health issues might worsen. In contrast, when there is good family support, an individual mental health could illustrate vast improvements. At Simran Shri rehabilitation centre, we understand the importance of family support for mental health recovery. We also promote assistance through various activities discussed below for those individuals struggling with mental health issues.


How Does Family Help With Mental Health Issues?

Family Education

Several family members struggle to understand that their loved ones are facing difficulties with mental health problems and addiction, which might result in disconnection. However, to help the individuals facing mental health issues get better, both parties should lie on a similar note. A method to perform this is to attend the group's mental health and addiction family therapies. The families will better understand their loved ones and learn the best ways to assist. 

Fixing Relationships

Similarly, to educate families regarding mental health, therapies can assist in mending strained relations related to an individual's mental health illness. With more solid relations and family assistance in mental health recovery, the loved ones are set up for achievement. They could concentrate more on their mental health and less on family issues contributing to their illnesses or making it more difficult. 


Receiving the endorsement of parents or families is of paramount importance for many individuals, whether or not they desire to admit it. When an individual recently leaves a residential mental health program, they could usually feel susceptible and helpless. Family assistance regarding mental health support during recovery will give reassurance and the motivation required to keep an individual on track. 


Generally, if an individual experiences comorbidities and associated disorder management for substance abuse problems, they might require some supervision in early recovery. However, their family members should give them space; having individuals and their loved ones regularly checked will help keep their records tracked and even reduce the occurrence of relapse. If an individual initiates to struggle with their mental illness again, the family members can also pick up on early warning signs easily and get assistance. 

At SimranShri Rehabilitation Centre, our mental health counsellors and other programs are designed to provide the best mental health counselling services and visualize treatments more comprehensively. We assist the patients and make them able to understand their issues and observe them from every point of the angle.

Different Stages Of Mental Health Recovery

The most important thing to consider while initiating mental health recovery from psychological disorders is that it takes time. Mental illnesses, including depression, anxiety and substance abuse, do not progress overnight; thus, it is natural to expect the healing process to take time. The notion is that there are important five stages of mental health recovery that span an individual’s lifetime once they have accomplished a mental ailment treatment program.

Following are the stages of recovery from mental illnesses:


When an individual suffers from a mental health problem, the most common barrier to receiving treatment is a denial of accepting the condition. However, denial reduces the healing process; accepting the condition is the opposite of motivating the individual. Thus, the patient must achieve acceptance before embarking on the recovery process.


Much of the task performed for overcoming disease is based on improving the understanding and deep insights into the mental health condition gained during management; once an individual has gained a clear understanding of her illness's warning signs, you can learn how to cope more efficiently with any episodes.


During mental health recovery, it is always better to set the objectives that deliver you with significant advancement. This adds incentives and encouragement to the recovery process. Various mental disorders are connected with low self-esteem, and thus, it makes sense to rebuild confidence levels as part of the recovery process. Overcoming mental illnesses are significant progression which demarcates self-congratulation warranty itself.


Mental disorders are generally relapsing situations where individuals are required to learn to cope during the recovery process. You must understand that you will have both bad and good days, but you will be able to better deal with negative feelings with time and after receiving specialized treatment.


Individuals who have been suffering from mental health conditions usually lose consciousness of who they are. This means they have started neglecting the activities that they previously enjoyed doing and have become isolated from individuals with whom they were close. The last stage of mental health recovery involves rediscovering what is important to you in your life and re-engaging with the activities and individuals enriching your life experiences. 

Our mental health facilities at Simran Shri rehabilitation centre offer the best counselling services on family therapy for addiction and substance abuse with personalized mental health programs. We can assist you in finding your path to getting recovered from different mental health conditions either as an outpatient or as a resident in beautiful facilities. Find out more regarding mental health treatment by calling us at +919958024680 or email us at in confidence today.

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