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Know How Drug Addiction Affects On The Body
July 22, 2022

Drug addiction sabotages the life of an individual as well as the body organ due to the availability of the drugs at a cheaper rate which is also locally available to its consumer; at the cost of their life, the doctor prescribes hard medicines during periods of mental health-related issues. It can impact the brain's ability to perform the task; some drugs are sedatives, depressants, hallucinogens, and stimulants and put an individual fall asleep such as serotonin and numerous others. At the same time, some are present in the house, such as caffeine addiction which is a dependence on a cup of coffee or tea.It cripples the mindset, which affects the behaviour and inability to perform any task effectively. It disables the mind, which simulates the behaviour and incapability to accomplish any task effectively.

Some Of The Side Effects That It Leaves On The Body

Long-term usage of drugs affects the body parts, usage of drugs or alcohol consumption or Drug addiction  in any form is dangerous to the body and ends up affecting the following organs:

  • Cancer: Illicit usage of drugs and strong steroids can cause cancer in different parts of the body by damaging the organs.
  • Heart disease: Drug addiction can be caused due to certain medicines, which increase the blood flow, irregular heartbeats and strokes, and blood pressure.
  • Lung disease: Drug abuse can cause focal air disease and pulmonary oedema
  • Seizures: It is a very common complication that results in drug intoxication; related problems usually occur through anti-depressants and stimulants.
  • Poor digestion: Irritation in the oesophagus and stomach lining is one of the most common causes that drugs can impair the tissues in the bowels.
  • Gastrointestinal: According to, Synthetic drugs such as ecstasy, which tends to make an individual euphoric, may also lead to digestive and hepatic impairment and vascular complications of the stomach. Many studies show the existence of substance-associated enterocolitis as well as causes of ischemic colitis.
  • Liver: Long-term usage of medications can cause acute liver damage. This increases the risk of death or leads to a liver transplant. Drug-induced liver injury (DILI) is an internal injury in the liver that occurs due to certain prescriptions. Other types of liver damage include Viral hepatitis. Alcoholic hepatitis. Autoimmune hepatitis

Drug Addiction  Know About Danger Signs.

The history of drug users is holding one or the other health-related concerns. It is a global catastrophe that needs to be taken care of. Examining the figure, over 247 million people worldwide consume the drug, out of which 36 million suffer the loss or drug use disorder, according to the (UNODC) World drug report. Substance use (SUD) is a chronic mental health condition that affects the individual's brain and creates mental health disorders.

Psychological Warning Signs Due To Alcohol Abuse

  • Depression, psychosis, anxiety, and fear are more prevalent signs of addiction.
  • Sudden mood drifts and irritability
  • They look fearful, anxious, and paranoid with no response.

Physiological warning signs of drug addiction

  • Feeling of euphoria and excess confidence.
  • Increase in alertness.
  • Increased power and turmoil.
  • Behaviour modifications or aggression.
  • Rapid or disorganised speech.
  • Enlarged pupils.

Natural ways to help you get over Drug Addiction.

Some changes are way too difficult to be made, but it is important to know that the treatment is possible and is highly recommended; with the right plan and resources, recovery is possible. Some of the most common drug addiction treatments

  • Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy involving one or more practitioners; it includes various stages that help ease the patient's confidence in the recovery process.
  • Behavioural therapy: Cognitive behavioural therapy helps treat the patient's attitude and behaviour regarding drug abuse and also helps in boosting healthy life skills.
  • Counselling and guidelines under the influence of expert psychiatrists.
  • Treatment of substance use disorders through medicines, including outpatient services.
  • It includes the formulation of socialisation and communication in the various aspects, as, after recovery, it kills the social phobia for eliminating the drug-dependent

Drug Addiction Treatment: There Is Hope For A New You.

There’s always a new hope if you feel like starting; the biological procedures that drive addiction involve the reward pathways in the brain. These trajectories supply kicks of upbeat emotions and feel-good chemicals to “reward” substance abuse. The areas of the brain accountable for anxiety and self-control also experience long-term differences during an addictive condition.

Preventing drug abuse has various treatments to overcome and help patients with illicit drug usage.

Successful therapy has multiple stages, such as:

  1. Detoxification: Detoxification is the process of releasing toxins from the body, as it takes time to fall completely out of the drug addiction or manage acute intoxication withdrawal.
  2. Behavioural counselling: Behavioural counselling is known to be a popular treatment for this process.
  3. Medicine: Medicines are part of the treatment process (For opioid, Tobacco, or Alcohol Addiction)

Simranshri Rehab - Addiction And Treatment

Many popular drug addiction treatment centres provide counselling and training to patients dealing with alcohol addiction or any substance use problem, through detoxification, medical treatment, and counselling. It becomes alarming when a patient's addiction reaches a point of conflict or alcohol abuse. It helps patients to stop using drugs and choose sobriety over addiction.

Some of the services that they offer:

  1. In-patient and out-patient facility
  2. In-house doctors visit
  3. Mental health counselling
  4. Drug addiction treatment facility
  5. Group therapy
  6. CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy)
  7. Yoga and meditation
  8. Preventing drug abuse through counselling

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