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Principles of Effective Drug Addiction Treatment
January 22, 2022


Addiction is a chronic disease that affects both the brain and behaviour. The drug addiction cycle might begin with voluntarily consuming drugs. But as time passes, the individual's ability to curb its intake becomes compromised, and drug consumption becomes compulsive. Long drug exposure affects the brain functions such as reward and motivation, memory, learning and control over behaviour.

Best drug addiction treatment can effectively help individuals combat this chronic disease. Long-term support or repeated care can help most individuals stop drug usage completely. Drug addiction recovery is when an individual leads a drug-free and productive life.

Best Drug Addiction Treatment

Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction

Several methods have been proven to be successful in overcoming drug addiction. These methods include:

●    Medication
●    Behavioural counselling
●    Withdrawal management
●    Assessment and treatment of comorbid conditions
●    Post-discharge treatment to prevent relapse

An integrated, tailor-made treatment with relapse prevention is are core component of an effective drug abuse treatment. It must include medication and psychotherapy followed by support groups.

Let’s have a closer look at these components of drug addiction treatment and recovery.


When combined with psychotherapy by a drug addiction rehab, medication works wonders to achieve recovery. Medications are used to reduce cravings, regulate one's mood, ease withdrawal symptoms and decrease addictive behaviours. For example, the FDA approved lofexidine in treating opioid addiction; it relieves the withdrawal symptoms and reduces cravings. And acamprosate to decrease the drinking behaviour.


Detox provided by drug addiction treatment centres helps the body get rid of toxins and remains of addictive substances. It is essential as withdrawal symptoms may worsen into life-threatening symptoms. Detox alone cannot treat addiction, as the underlying triggers still exist. These underlying triggers are managed with the help of psychotherapy.


Here are a few therapies offered by the Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India for addiction treatment.

Cognitive behavioural therapy - Widely used across for treating substance addiction and other mental disorders. Cognitive behavioural therapy helps individuals recognize their underlying triggers that lead to unhealthy behaviour and learn coping skills. This therapy is also combined with other therapies to help individuals.

Rational emotive behaviour therapy- Helps individuals recognize their negative ideations and teaches them ways to deal with feelings of self-defeat. Rational emotive behaviour therapy works on the principle to help individuals realize that one's rational thinking can outweigh the external stressors and situations that tend to pull them down. 

Contingency Management - treats a variety of addictions, including narcotics, tobacco and intensively used in the Best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre. This therapy reinforces positive behaviour such as staying sober through rewards. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, this therapy can successfully combat relapse.

12 Step program- one of the Best Counselling For Drug Addiction; is a group therapy that recognizes that addiction negatively impacts one socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This therapy starts from acceptance and surrendering self to the high powers and moves to transition and maintenance through continuous group meetings. Groups like the alcoholics' anonymous use group meetings for mutual support and long-lasting recovery.

The best drug addiction treatment includes sessions, therapies and medications that aid in understanding the causes behind substance abuse and bring a positive change in the individual's mindset. With a developed sense of self and increased self-esteem and willpower, the person can avoid any further distractions they may come in their life.

Do not wait for your loved ones to hit rock bottom. One day delayed is one moment lost. Reach out to us to know more about substance abuse and get help for your loved ones. Give them a gift of healthy living, let them see the world without the foggy goggles of substances and help them rejuvenate themselves. The first step to recovery is always the hardest, but with us at SimranShri, you will soar high, not on any substance, but the positivity brought about by yourself in your life.

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