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How To Manage Addiction Along With Emotional Recovery
Addiction Treatment
June 22, 2022


After completing a treatment program for alcohol and substance misuse, people are suggested to remain associated with their family members, friends, and support groups. This involves returning to safe and secure surroundings or attending a sober facility, dependent upon the circumstances and requirements of the person. However, doing so permits those individuals in sobriety to get the assistance they require for reaching long-term recovery methods.  

Recovery from addiction and substance misuse could be an emotional roller coaster for people. The initial stages of recovery might be more fascinating than the later stages. As time advances, an individual might have to work hard to sustain sobriety, both psychologically and physically. However, coping with emotional behaviour during recovery could be fearful, but capitulating to negative thoughts could hover over your progression. At SimranShri rehabilitation centre, we understand the association between emotions and addiction recovery. Therefore, we have highlighted what to expect in the emotions and addiction recovery and how to cope. 


What is Emotional Deregulation?

Emotional deregulation is a psychological terminology used for describing a situation when individual attempts to regulate their emotions. Individuals suffering from emotional deregulation will often experience intense and long-lasting emotions compared to normal that could be carried over into more essential behavioural responses. The outcomes of emotional deregulation are generally exaggerated responses and eruptions. In a few cases, such responses could become extreme and include substance misuse, alcohol addiction, self-harm and suicidal attempts. Emotional deregulation could also be one of the symptoms of mental health illness. Thus, recovery from addiction is important for managing emotional deregulation. 

Relationship Between Emotional Deregulation And Addiction

Like various mental health illnesses, drug addiction and emotional deregulation are sometimes interconnected.

Those suffering from emotional deregulation might struggle to cope with their emotional behaviours healthily and productively. Rather, the overwhelming emotional behaviour might lead to turning to drug abuse and alcohol addiction. Such self-harm behaviour of coping might eventually develop into substance misuse disorder as the individual becomes physically and mentally addicted to abused substances. Literature search has found that discrepancies in emotional regulation could enhance an individual's risk of developing substance abuse and addiction disorder. A study reported that children with reduced self-control in connection with emotional deregulation observed that such children developed substance dependence at an increased rate in comparison to peers. As inadequate mental health could be one of the contributing factors to addiction establishment, it is better to get emotional abuse recovery therapy from our counselling experts at SimranShri Rehabilitation Centre.

In addition, addiction and emotional deregulation could interact in other ways. Substance misuse and alcohol addiction might lead to emotional deregulation in a few cases. Using drugs and alcohol excessively could lead to mood swings and outbursts, but using them for a longer duration could affect individual mental health as their complete life fulfilment declines. With time, the addiction could aggravate underlying mental health issues that might have been overlooked.

Either way, when emotional deregulation and addiction are at play, the affected individuals should be treated for both. An addiction recovery therapy will address both the problems at a similar time and assist the individuals in recovering from the stages of addiction. With proper management, the individuals should overcome their addiction and learn to manage their emotional behaviour better. 

How To Manage Addiction Recovery  

Managing emotions in addiction recovery could be done in a variety of ways. As long as the methods selected are not causing harm or threatening your sobriety, there are several positive steps an individual can take.


Doing exercise is a good stress reliever. It can be done by walking, doing yoga, swimming, hiking, or even taking up any sports activity that will help you to be happy and satisfied. Doing exercise releases endorphin neurotransmitters in the brain, which helps in increasing feelings of happiness and satisfaction.


Journaling helps in coping with negative emotions by logging the thoughts and emotions of an individual. By writing down all the daily experiences in recovery, you can look back at your writing and determine any patterns that are required to be discussed.   

Mental health disorders and addiction are generally interrelated. Even if an individual has received treatment for substance abuse, you might get an advantage from addiction recovery therapy available at SimranShri rehabilitation centre.

Attending Group Meetings

Management of addiction offers continuous support during recovery by offering aftercare programs. SimranShri rehabilitation centre offers peer support for its members, irrespective of the type of substance abuse and alcohol addiction they are recovering from.

SimranShri rehabilitation centre is the best de-addiction centre where the mental health counselling experts advocate for mental health issues and manage recovery from addiction. If you or any of your loved ones are struggling with mental health issues, call us at +919958024680 or email us at to seek assistance and find out how we can help you.

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