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Side Effects Of Alcohol Addiction On the Human body?
July 21, 2022

Alcohol addiction is a global and emerging catastrophe for mankind. It is observed that it contributes to 3 million death every year, which results in the harmful usage of alcohol. Over 5 percent of the global health issue consists of alcohol addiction.

Global health problems are mainly associated with alcohol abuse, and the problems are interrelated with the same. It gives birth to many diseases like cancer of the throat and mouth, lung diseases, and hypertension among people. 

Why do People Choose Alcohol As An Escape and fall into Alcohol Addiction? 

Individuals become a slave to consuming alcohol mostly. It works as a mood lifter; the brain begins to cease the drink with most sensations like euphoria, relaxation, and loss of appetite. Alcohol also releases the dopamine hormone in the brain, making an individual feel pleasant. As drinking becomes more routine, changes in sleep habits, attitude, power, and interests can signal the onset of an early alcohol use disorder.

Behavioral Shifts Associated With Alcohol Abuse

Many behavioral changes lead to alcohol addiction as it is a most volatile form of a drinking problem; drinking issue derives from lifestyle pattern such as Hectic jobs that causes continuous stress, low-income family relationships, financial problems, divorces, loss of loved ones, genetics, early age drinking, peer pressure, trauma. 

All of these factors together cause changes in behavior drastically.

Some of them are:

  • Anger distress
  • Frustration, inability to perform any physical activity
  • Stress (Related to mental health conditions)
  • Increase in aggression
  • Self-disclosure
  • Insomnia (lack of sleep)
  • Impaired Performance at work

Average Alcohol Consumption Trends In The Year 2018 As per WHO Health Report. 

Alcohol addiction and consumption, according to the global health issue, is measured in terms of liters as per the image attached, from the source and the case study derived from the year 2018 from (WHO) 

Ways To Curb  Alcohol Addiction

  • Set a drinking goal: It is always good to set boundaries on how much one consumes drinking. It would help benefit drinking below the suggested procedures: one should have ethics and have will that no more than one drink per day one should consume especially for females and males 60 or older than this, and no more than two standard drinks per day for men under 65. 
  • Choose days when you don't want to be drinking: It is self-understood that limits may be too elevated for an individual with specific medical conditions or some more senior adults. A physician can help you determine what's right for you and what is not over time. It is advisable to avoid any type of alcohol abuse.
  • Watch For peer pressure: It is also a good practice to learn to say no, just because the outside world is under the influence of alcohol consumption. Stay away from people who encourage to drink. Stop being a victim of peer pressure. Else, one has to face an alcohol treatment center, which is another challenging phase. 
  • Keep busy: Surrounding yourself with nature is always good; engage in physical activity, gym, and exercise; it helps curate the willpower and lost self-confidence and evolve perseverance among an individual, playing sport and watching some good motivational movies or listening to music to ease worry or unnecessary stress. 
  • Ask for support: It is always advisable to ask for support whenever in trouble. Let friends and family members know you need their support and help. It is always good to talk and to recover from intense alcohol de-addiction treatment
  • Put it in writing: Make a list of all you want to achieve and ensure there is a proper flow of work. Making yourself feel good psychologically and physiologically. 
  • Be Persistent: Some individuals who successfully cut down or stop drinking do so just after several attempts. You'll presumably have setbacks, but don't let them hold you from achieving your long-term goal. There's no absolute endpoint, as the process usually needs ongoing effort.


Why Alcohol Consumption Is Hard To Give Up?

Alcohol Treatment And Rehab are one of the most common sources of recovery from alcohol addiction, for individuals struggling to strive for a meaningful purpose in life. Long-term addiction becomes a threat to life. Long-term alcohol mishandling raises the chance of severe health disorders, including heart condition, stroke, high blood pressure, anxiety, liver disease, and cancer. It can lead to social problems such as relationship break-ups, unemployment, economic problems, and homelessness.

Some alcohol treatment and rehab are running awareness campaigns to make people believe that recovery is possible in many contributing factors including societal pressure. Simranshri rehabilitation is working hard in the interests of the patient struggling with drug addiction or any kind of alcohol abuse. It facilitates many services that not only help patient recovers but also make them, wise and strong to come back better holistically by being part of the natural remedies. Yoga and meditation through natural chants of mantras help people in Nasha Mukti Kendra helps hundreds of people come out of addiction. 

Some of their leading services are: 

  • Alcohol de-addiction treatment.
  • 12-Step Program.
  • Treatment of alcohol addiction.
  • In-Patient and Out-Patient treatment. 
  • 24x7 Pick and Drop Facility.
  • Yoga And Meditation.
  • Group Therapy.
  • (CBT) Cognitive Group Therapy.
  • Alcohol Addiction Treatment.

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