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Can you really be addicted to online gaming
Addiction Treatment
June 07, 2022


Gaming addiction is an online buzz that catches the attention of the younger generation, in terms of video games, virtual reality platforms, and catching up on chatbots, chatting, this can lead to more complex problems and a matter of health. It is hazardous yet chronic to health. More screen time usage leads to many brain sensory diseases which affect both the mental and physical health of the youngsters. One of the biggest examples is anxiety, depression and aggression among the kinds. As gaming has evolved over a period of time so has its efficacy in terms of speed and accuracy. 

As the evolution of the new technology has overpowered upon the youngsters it needs more patience; over time, the videos that have increased the growing ads and a number of  Characters have taken on more detailed representations as gaming has progressed, allowing players to choose more detailed representations for their characters. Players can choose skin colour, hair colour, height, weight, and gender for human characters, for example. Depending on the game, they can also choose a character's profession, which can vary from banker to lawyer to dancer to engineer to the thief, major, hitman, elf, or gnome. One name it and the character is formed Finally, each player must assign their character a name. This is addictive hence putting people in the well of gaming addiction.

gaming addiction

What happens when gaming becomes an addiction? 

When gaming becomes an addiction some people take tremendous attention and satisfaction in choosing the perfect name. A favourite character, in a strange way, takes a dig into the player over time. They spend hours pretending to be this "another person," and they come to identify with a personality who feels greater real and less made-up. It gives them a sense of superiority with time as people enjoy bearing the characteristics of other personalities. It brings more information and status from another person's point of view. One of the famous gaming platforms is PUBg which enables a person to wear some other’s personality or name for a period of time but it doesn't come under breach of the law as it is virtual unless a person tries and harms somebody, especially kids. One of the famous examples is the BLUE WHALE which has taken a life of many young generations by blackmailing them and left them crippled with emotions which also results in the loss of life of many when gaming in the virtual world overpowers emotions in the real world it becomes a massive source of concern, things become really creepy and weird, according to WHO now it’s termed as gaming disorder comes under impaired control and mostly increases priority.

Know-How to get rid of gaming addiction?

Sometimes adolescents fail to influence the youngsters and often deviate from their actual goals and focus. Gaming is addictive and the mind doesn't give up on it so easily. It's a long process. 

●    If someone is a parent, a therapist can pave the way to a complete guideline to get your child rid of gaming addiction.
●    If a child's gaming time is getting out of hand, one may seek a doctor which can assist with some lifestyle changes. One of the therapies which helps assist gaming addiction is CBT cognitive behavioural therapy.
●    Set a limit for playing and sticking to it.  
●    Making sure that children are playing a game according to their age. 
●    Physical exercises help elevate the time in gaming and help to get rid of sitting and help reduce long stretches. 
●    Keeping the mobile phones and laptops away at night time to stress the sleeping habits.

7 Mind Numbing Facts About How To Get Rid Of Gaming Addiction.

●    Keeping away the gadgets from the room during the night so that one can have a good sleep is one of the best ways of gaming addiction treatment.
●    CBT sessions from a therapist help, it's a kind of treatment approach also a kind of mental health treatment for unhelpful thoughts and behavioural patterns is one of the ways to stop gambling addiction.
●    Setting a time bar is always a good option as it enables you to stick around playing in those hours which is not taking a toll on the life of an individual who has a constant desire to play games.
●    It increases the distractibility among the users, which results in impaired vision, poor listening ability, loss of control perception and perseverance. 

Symptoms of gaming addiction and risks associated with it.

●    Gaming is the first thing in the mind of the users.
●    Feeling low when you don't get to play the game.
●    Constant denial or withdrawing from the same and devoting less time becomes challenging. 
●    Having difficulties in staying at one place for eg. school, college or place of work. 
●    Not having enough interest in connecting to the outside world, socially cut off from society are some of the effects of online gaming addiction.
●    Releasing dopamine has no interest in doing other things, particularly from just playing games one of the gaming addiction symptoms.
●    Constant lying to people about how much time you spend gaming and not being able to open up about it is another gaming addiction symptom.
●    Using gaming as a tool for easing bad moods and healing from which we can understand the level of dependency of an individual might come in the way of daily life.

There happen to be many de-addiction centres which help cure the vision of the individual suffering from any kind of addiction may it be, phone addiction, drug addiction, alcoholism, intense substance use disorders. Combined it all comes under addiction and is associated with intense addiction compulsive behaviours.

Rehabs are therefore joining hands with many of such problematic areas that creep up in society and are deeply rooted in repeated behaviours and practice. One of the emerging de-addiction centres in Delhi NCR is Simranshri rehabilitation centre providing one of the top-notch services and many people have connected with it so far because of their vision and ideology towards the family members and their loved ones, with over 30 years of proven techniques and experience in treating addiction, the Best de-addiction treatment centre in India has enabled hundreds of people to live substance-free lives.

Some of its services are: 

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●    Gaming addiction

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