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Top 10 biggest Myths About Addiction
July 15, 2022

Common Misconceptions about addiction are that individuals think it's imprecise and addiction is not acceptable in society. It is something that people assume is a choice, but it is paramount to know that nobody slips into addiction by their own choice; it emanates from social norms and expectations. Addiction is not a choice. It is an illness; someone who falls prey to addiction is not asking for diseases like cancer.

Top Myths About Addiction


Consumption Of Drug Or Alcohol is a Choice, So if Someone Does That, It’s Their Problem.

Nobody chooses addiction as the priority as it is platonic; alcohol dependence grows with time. Alcohol addiction is one of the most common addictions among people. Nobody intentionally chooses addiction and gives way to diseases such as cancer. However, it is mostly dependent on external factors. Such as Genetics, Childhood trauma, Family affairs such as divorce, Greif, loss of loved ones, anxiety, and depression are some of the most contributing factors that play an important role. It is not acceptable for some people that are dependent on addictive substances. For them, this is temporary, but it is a huge loss. Because a patient dealing with addiction has to live with it, sometimes not without choice.


Addiction only affects certain people In The Society

 Addiction is not affected by one factor; there are many such aspects from which addiction arises. Society needs to be educated about what to convey, but in actuality, external factors such as the loss of loved ones, stress, and anxiety give rise to addiction. Recognizing liquor as a global drug concern. Hence it is an illness faced by an individual worldwide. Any kind of substance abuse or action which includes alcohol abuse addiction such as liquor addiction, or heroin addiction is not a choice but influential factors that derive a person to fall into it are one of the Top myths about addiction.


Treatment Can Fix The Problem

A most common myth about drug addiction is treatment can fix the problem, this means addiction can be controlled but not completely cured, It is a long process there is a lot of treatment and therapy that works in recovery. As some individuals require more than one treatment. Hence fighting with oneself is one of the most challenging tasks. Although self-reliability and commitment to self is the biggest weapon in the battle of life.


People Who Fall Into Drug Addiction Are Bad And Need To Be Punished

People who fall into addiction aren't bad but they are struggling to find themselves in society and seeking someplace safe. Sometimes, after prolonged substance use, people with dependence do horrendous things. These immoral acts are usually incomprehensible to comprehend. They're expected to have deep differences in the brain that cause them to lie, trick, rob, or be more dangerous to keep using. While this role from the patient can't be favoured, it's significant to comprehend they do it because they are enormously sick and require help. Unwell individuals require therapy, not punishment, to feel good.


Addiction Is A Behavioural Problem hence It Is To Be Treated As A Problem Not As A Disease

People are often misguided that there is nothing as a treatment, once an addict will always be an addict, it is very demotivating on the part of the patient who has to face society which is not acceptable of it. Coming out from an addiction is not an easy thing it takes months or even years, as addiction may come as a relapse and again hits the rock bottom in finding any treatment. Human demeanour starts in the brain. Progressive brain studies that different treatments, such as psychotherapy and medication, can alter brain processes. This is true for despair and other illnesses, including addiction. Sometimes behavioural treatments, like counselling, are enough. Sometimes medication may be required as well. But the fact that behavioural therapies can be convincing does not signify dependence isn't a true-to-life condition.


Prescriptions Are Not Drugs Because They Directly Come From A Doctor Desk

There are many remedies to control the addiction problem that grows with great worry and tend to be the emerging global problem. While medications, to come out from addiction, are termed as one of the most trustworthy resources. Nevertheless, medications are also drugs and can decline health in many ways. Addiction is a real illness; however, to debunk this myth, it is essential to understand that treatment in other forms such as behavioural therapy, group therapy, and psychotherapy helps in the sobriety of the patient and is not tainted.


Trying Drugs For The First Time Can Make An Individual Falls Into Addiction

Many de-addiction treatment centres enable individuals to fall out of heroin addiction. It is one of the treatments which do not comes with a promise of immediate recovery, as it is a slow process. hence treatment through natural remedies is also advisable. Through a Holistic healing process such as (CBT) cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, and brain stimulation for mental health conditions of an individual.


Going To Treatment Will Help Solve The Worries Related To Addiction

Drug addiction is the most common form of addiction, thus Tobacco addiction, Treatment  Many people are reluctant and feel ashamed to look for treatment. Hence it is necessary to speak with the professional about the treatment not feeling ashamed. someone you know is undergoing signs of addiction, you might feel like there is nothing you can do but just wait for them to hit rock bottom and realize it on their own. It becomes crucial to get support. Debunking such top myths about addiction is necessary.


Detoxification Is Enough For The Treatment Of Addiction

Detoxification is the approach that is also the very first stepping stone to recovery and plays a very important role. During the recovery process, detoxifying the body becomes very challenging in the beginning. Some drugs ingested by the patient are so hard that they are life-Threatening as well. Risk to life is another most significant challenge that keeps the rehabilitation centres in the limelight. Detox is not one day job it's a long process and could take up to months to come out of it. Detox treatment is one of the best possible ways to get out of addiction.


If Relapse Occurs That Means Treatment Is Not In Their Favour

It is often believed that even after treatment a feeling of relapse occurs and it starts to interrupt the behaviour of an individual but people need to understand that relapse is also a form of the recovery process, thus it is important to reschedule the treatment, it happens doesn't mean the treatment failed, so one has to start again and think it like a normal disease such as diabetes, or depression.

To debunk the top 10 myths of addiction, it is important to realize and be educated about who provides the awareness and educate family and patients dealing with drug addiction, and how are they influencing the family to get advisable treatment. One of the best de-addiction centres Simranshri rehabilitation is one of the best centres which offers services in the interest of the patient, eliminating the fear of not being able to withstand society's norms. Aims in healing through natural remedies, and chants.

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