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Understanding The Body Science Affected By The Consumption Of illicit Drugs
July 12, 2022

Simranshri Rehabilitation Centre conducted its 4th webinar, No doubt the webinar was a complete success, taking deep insights from a psychologist, engaging audience content and references, and enlighted us with an off-the-rack informative guide on the Effects Of Addiction On Various Body Parts

On July 5th, 2022, SimranShri Rehabilitation Centre came alive on the webinar. Our Academic Research Writer, Dr. Apoorva Kapoor, joined us and shared her personal experiences as a guiding light and shared her knowledge about the effects of addiction on various body parts.

She also debunked addiction stereotypes that prevent people from seeking help and, therefore, its recovery benefits. To learn more about the Effects Of Addiction On Various Body Parts and treatment, scroll to the bottom for more insights into the webinar.

Drugs affect the whole body systems and change the lifestyle drastically; addiction usually happens when an individual fails to mind their mind. It occurs with repetitive events. Not able to regulate possible actions due to the repercussions of drugs.

Defining drugs in layman's language, Narcotics and chemical substance which changes such as chemical which changes their physiological form change into liquid, or subsolid form, in solid form in a capsule. Action and mechanism through which drugs act and regulate themselves. The movement of the drugs happens through the guts, also known as kinetics. It is the initial stages of the effects of addiction on various body parts. 

Dynamics of Drugs in Human Body

What will be the period of the drug sustained in the body, and how it is eliminated from the body? When addiction is overridden, it changes the sense of addiction. Addicts Brain, which works on a chemical formula
Sensory: External Stimulus

Role of Dopamine in Human Body

A happy hormone is either seized in addict dopamine or produces more One feels ecstatic and pleasure. Sudden mood swings and gushing in emotions as behavioural pattern is absurd. In voluntary display on the brain, the Triggered centre is the epitome of the brain. One feels ecstatic and pleasure, Whatever happens in the body are symptoms and effects of addiction on various body parts.

Effects of Adiction on Various Body Parts

The brain responds to drugs based on type, use, and frequency of usage. It depends on the patient, as things need to be regulated. Some take a prescription for soft drinks, and it affects the body. Medical reconciliation is very important.

  • Withdrawal symptoms of addiction: Drugs tag along with addiction, and symptoms are designed to return to normal life. A relapse also brings back the severe craving of addiction which is life-threatening.
  • It can cause depression and suicide If the drugs show aggressive withdrawal symptoms of addiction.
  • Abrupt Behaviours displays and eventually subsides with the appropriate symptoms, e.g., Attacking, aggression, anxiety, and stress.
  • Family history genetically affects.
  • Kidney dysfunction, as it works as a filter and helps in detox while repeated drugs affect the whole body systems, consumption of drugs and alcohol becomes dangerous for the kidney and various other parts of the body.

Sigh of Distress

Some of the general effects of symptoms:

  • The feeling of sadness and emptiness: Lack of motivation
  • Insomnia: Lack of sleep
  • Troubles in memory and decision-making ability
  • Pre-occupational death and suicidal ideologies because of peer pressure
  • Severe procrastination: Finding excuses or blaming others
  • Poor appetite: Lack of awareness of the surroundings lost in weight loss; most weight losses are symptoms of drug addiction.
  • Internal effects: Heart disease, Liver ailment, kidney failure, Poor heartbeats, urine output decreases, less excretion, involuntarily control of emotions, and overall effects on physiological aspects.
  • External Effects: Acne, hair fall, Poor blood circulation, increased bone decaying and degeneration, lungs (Increased chance of lung infections)
  • Poor ADL is medical terminology where patients have these activities of daily living, like bathing, cooking, and cleaning. Prefer not to engage in these activities.
  • Addiction overrides the chemical substance on the overall functioning of the body, is one of the reasons for sighs of distress.

Effects on Vital Body Function

  1. Lungs: lungs (Increased chance of lung infections), respiratory depression influence progressive damage, brain damage or coma. Treatment of the same can cause the possible chance of dying, as there is a vital capacity for gaseous exchange. Drugs depress the ventilation capacity of drugs.
  2. Liver: The liver breakdowns the metabolism, just like diabetes, and breaking down the insulin can causes the pancreas not to respond,
  3. Fatty liver: Abnormal morning drinkers; same goes with drugs.
  4. The kidney functions in poor homeostasis; a kidney also dehydrates because of poor immunity and lack of water consumption. To flush out the toxin elements disturbs the body.
  5. Breakdown of some drugs triggers hypothermia; it draws an inference in dehydration is one of the effects of addiction on various body parts.
  6. Poor temperature regulation in the eyes, unstable vitals.

Heart Problem

  • Increase in heartbeats
  • Not good for brain circulation and can be in a life-threatening stage
  • Increased bacterial infections: Can lead to surgical intervention, as everything is backfiring for the patient
  • Increased chances of clots getting dislodged results in collapsed brains and arteries.
  • Irregular heartbeat increases damage to heart structure e complete exhaustion physically and mentally.
  • Gut Failure, and poor digestion, lead to cancer development.

Many rehabilitation centers are showing promising results for patients with drug addiction which ultimately leads to poor health, behavioural issues, and severe body dysfunction.

Recovery takes time. It depends from person to person. Some rehabs provide severe medical aid facilities as well; seeing the incredible results and true potential from Simran Suri rehabilitation centre, they offer many services which not only give de-addiction services but also ensure the treatment in the form of natural remedy in the healing process works as a sigh of distress,

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