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Drug & Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms & Treatment
Addiction Treatment
April 30, 2022


Drug withdrawal in addiction is a bodily response to abruptly stopping or gradually decreasing substance use on which the body has become reliant. Different kinds of substance withdrawal symptoms can cause various physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms, which can also be deadly if left untreated.

withdrawal in addiction

What Causes Substance Withdrawal Symptoms?

When a person consumes alcohol or takes certain drugs frequently, their brain may adapt to the existence of these drugs. They may become completely dependent on their drug of choice and reliant on it to exist and feel "normal."

Withdrawal is a common reaction in those who have developed a severe dependency on a substance's sudden absence or diminishing blood concentration. When a person dependent on drugs ceases a substance "cold turkey" or cuts down how much they use, withdrawal symptoms can occur. During withdrawal, the body seeks to shift to a new state of homeostasis by ridding itself of the drug's remaining chemical impact.

Is Withdrawal Symptoms of Drug Addiction Lethal?

Withdrawal from drugs, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines, can be extremely painful and, in some circumstances, fatal if not treated medically. But it's a rare occurrence.

According to some estimates, the disorder affects less than 5% of people who undergo alcohol withdrawal. It is, however, fatal in roughly 15% of people who do not receive alcohol withdrawal treatment. 

Opioid withdrawal symptoms are rarely fatal, but they can be highly unpleasant. The symptoms per se might not be fatal, but individuals that undergo opioid withdrawals without medically assisted Withdrawal Techniques in De-Addiction are likely to relapse to opioid use. A long duration of abstaining from opioid use decreases the tolerance and increases the risk of an individual overdosing. 

Thus, it is important to seek the medically assisted detoxification process, where mental health professionals manage addiction withdrawal symptoms, alleviate the discomfort, and reduce the chances of further complications. It is essential at the time of early recovery and has the potential to save lives. 

When Does Withdrawal Symptoms of Drug Addiction Need Treatment?

Some factors decide when an individual needs to seek a medically-assisted detoxification process to manage their withdrawal. 

Substance withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and challenging for someone early to abstain on the path of recovery. If you think you are struggling with addiction, you should seek the best substance use disorder treatment, which entails a detox program. 

Withdrawal management is a huge component of the detox process. It includes the physiological and psychological care provided to individuals struggling with withdrawal symptoms and subsequently quitting the drugs they have developed a dependence on. In the case of most substances, a medically-assisted detox provides the safest setting for managing withdrawal symptoms. The individuals can get rid of the substance toxins and residues safely under the supervision of mental health professionals, who monitor the vital signs such as blood pressure and body temperature and administer the medications for managing and preventing serious symptoms. 

Detox procedure aims to ensure the physical and mental stability of an individual, such that they feel at ease. Individuals addicted to opioids, sedatives, alcohol, and benzodiazepines benefit from getting a detox treatment for safe withdrawal management without any consequences. 
Some facilities provide admission on the very day when an individual urgently needs treatment. 

How Long Does The Detoxification Process Last?

The majority of individuals complete the detoxification program within two to seven days. The duration of the detox program depends on factors including the types of drugs used, the quantity of substance consumed, the history of drug abuse, and the individual's overall health. Detoxification is the initial process in a rehabilitation centre, followed by psychotherapy for learning healthy coping and recovery techniques. 

What Are the Medications Used in The Detoxification  Process?

To stabilize individuals struggling with withdrawals in addiction, psychiatrists administer various medications to relieve the unease caused by the symptoms and further decrease the complications at the beginning of the addiction treatment. 

For instance, opioid detox usually administers the following medications:

●    Clonidine: reduces opioid withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, chills, anxiety, and sweating.
●    Lofexidine: reduces opioid withdrawals and belongs to the same class as clonidine. 
●    Buprenorphine is used to treat opioid use disorder by controlling the cravings and reducing the impact of withdrawal symptoms.
●    Methadone: opioid antagonist medication that stabilizes and maintains individuals in recovery.

Medication used in sedative and alcohol withdrawal treatment includes:

●    Benzodiazepines are usually administered for treating alcohol withdrawals and seizure prophylaxis.
●    A benzodiazepine such as a diazepam will substitute for the previously used benzodiazepine such that an individual does not develop a tolerance. These medications are gradually tapered down to ease withdrawals over a longer time.

Each drug has different symptoms, timelines, and risks. Thus, the treatment should be individualized to meet the needs ranging from drugs to the individual who is dependent on drugs. Addressing the physical aspect of addiction is not sufficient to recover; individuals will relapse if their underlying behavioural patterns and psychological conditions are not managed.

We at SimranShri Rehabilitation Centre help individuals address the physical and psychological aspects of addiction through a range of treatment options.

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