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What Are The Main Causes Of Drug Abuse or Addiction
Addiction Treatment
March 07, 2022


The perplexing vagary around the causes of drug addiction has existed since individuals have been dealing with drug and alcohol addictions. Why are some individuals susceptible to drug addiction while others aren't? Is it genetic or psychological? What is the reason individuals take on drugs or alcohol?

Well, there is no single catch-all answer to these questions. Addiction is a complex and chronic disorder, and so are its causes. It isn't as easy as pointing out the source of addiction.

Each individual has a unique situation that leads them to where they stand. The causes of drug addiction in individuals are as unique as the individuals themselves.

Dive in as we briefly answer all these questions by breaking down the psychological and genetic causes of drug addiction in this blog.

causes of drug addiction

Genetic Causes of Drug Addiction

Addictions often run in families because it is inherited by offspring from parents through genes. For this reason, family history serves as clues when determining an individual's vulnerability to addiction. For example, one needs to be extra cautious if their close relative has an addiction. Researchers study the family histories too. They compare the sequences of a family member's DNA to identify the genes involved in addiction. This is done by dividing the family into two groups- unaffected and affected.

Then the researchers look for the common segments of chromosomes in affected people compared to the unaffected. They further narrow the study by studying the specific genes. Since individuals have a hectic schedule and face time constraints, in-depth studies are conducted on animals.

It is difficult to identify a single genetic change that causes addiction. Substance use disorder, like other diseases, is a complex trait. Multiple gene variations and environmental factors impact it.

Every individual is unique so is their inherited gene variation's combination. Individuals struggling with substance use disorder have different underlying genetic causes. And individuals that share high-risk gene variation might or might not have a trait.

While determining the exact genetic cause is challenging, multiple pieces of research do confirm that genes impact substance use. Scientists estimate gene accountability to addiction as 40-60% of the risk.

Regardless of the genetic factors of drug addiction, the Best Drug Addiction Treatment can help individuals recover.

Psychological Causes of Drug Addiction

Human behaviour is majorly learned behaviour. This holds for addictive behaviour as well. Psychological research has shown how individuals learn unhealthy behaviour. Most importantly, it helps one understand how to unlearn a behaviour. Another psychological cause of drug addiction is the thoughts and beliefs of people; most of our behaviour originates from our beliefs and thoughts. For example, individuals who have made up their minds that recovery is beyond the realms of possibility, then their behaviour will be on the same lines- they are less likely to make efforts to recover.

Psychologists in the Best Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India apply counselling techniques to facilitate the thinking pattern of individuals. This helps change their behaviours and motivation towards recovery.

An individual's developmental maturity is another cause of drug addiction. The capability of aligning our actions with our beliefs, thoughts and values is the distinguishing factor between immature and mature human beings. This capability also differentiates humans from other existing species. Suppose an individual routinely acts without giving thought and gives in every whim, impulse or craving. In that case, their developmental maturity matches that of a two-year-old kid. Lacking developmental maturity can thus result in addictions such as substance use disorder. An individual might be extremely self-focused and pursue each impulsive thought, notwithstanding the repercussions.

Psychotherapy offered at drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre can therefore be considered an accelerated development as it helps those combating addiction.

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