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Addiction Myths and Facts  What You Need To Know About
Addiction Treatment
June 01, 2022


Sometimes we think we know everything about addiction, but we may be wrong; at first, it's not the choice but the situation which has led the person to get into addiction. Family problems and financial losses are one of the main causes of addiction and are ultimately trapped by the myths behind the same. One of the biggest myths about addiction is no one, whether it's a teen or an adult and people should say no.

Busting myths about addiction

Some of the common myths and facts about addiction  

Using drugs or alcohol is a choice, so it's their fault if someone is into addiction.

Reality: No one would choose to get addiction any more than they'd choose to get cancer. Addiction is a consequence of many contributing factors, including genetics. Up-bringing, trauma, and other influences. People with addiction usually live pretty miserable lives and wouldn't choose the way if given a chance is one of the common myths about addiction.

Failure is indicated by relapse.

Relapse is termed a very frequent thing in the healing process. It is not, in any way, a sign of failure. According to the American Medical Society Journal, 40% to 60% of those who receive substance abuse treatment may relapse within a year. Changing any habit is difficult regardless of whether you are suffering from drug addiction. It's even more difficult once you're mentally and physically reliant on something.

Drug addicts are bad people common myths about addiction

Drug addicts are majorly termed as bad people due to their occurrence in certain events. For example, if someone is genuinely looking for help, a person is known to have an availability issue. It is someone who steals for money or drugs. There's always a problem with people who consider them bad people or make bad decisions because they are an addict.

Alcohol addiction is not as bad as drug addiction common misconceptions about addiction

Alcohol is acceptable and yet easily accessible because it does not cross any cultural boundaries. The social angle thus creates an impact that is less dangerous than that of the other related factors of addiction. It seems that it's less dangerous to consume drugs like cocaine, heroin, cannabis and drastically more dangerous drugs. According to the national institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism, as per the report, alcohol is more dangerous and the leading preventable cause of death in the US.

Addressing  and  busting  myths about addiction

Busting common myths about addiction

If you are concerned about someone you love, reach out. Whether you are letting people know it needs to start somewhere, be honest and supportive of someone you have known or have loved. As there is no time limit in the process of recovery. Take strides, and everyone's journey will be different and unique. It depends on the person. 

Many rehabs one of them is SimranShri rehab care centre aims to go the extra mile for the comfort of your loved ones so that they feel secure and in the constant care and stay under the vision that it might turn out to be a source of comfort for them. Through the holistic healing process with the help of yoga and meditation, Food and lodging facility.

One of the leading rehab and wellness treatment centre in NCR strives to secure the life of your loved ones who are precious and need another chance in life. 

It aims to secure and change a patient's life through a holistic approach by conducting different sessions with the help of meditation, sacred chants, and hymns. As such spiritual factor challenges the way, we perceive the world from the inside through the whole recovery process.

Some of the core services that SimranShri rehabilitation provides:

•    Group therapy sessions
•    Yoga and meditation
•    Pick and drop facility 
•    Individual therapy sessions
•    Doctors visit
•    Psychologists webinar sessions
•    Food and lodging
•    Substance abuse therapy

Journey through breaking myths of addiction 


Overcoming addiction after recovery is an ultimate achievement in the life of a drug survivor. Breaking facts about addiction. It can give you the strength to preserve through the darkest stages of addiction.

While attending meetings and group therapy sessions. These are some useful steps to getting sober; maintaining sober overpowering through drug treatment addiction is never a small achievement. Every day can be a struggle against inner turmoil, which exerts outside pressure and influences behaviour changes.

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