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Know The Efficient Ways To Overcome Agoraphobia
March 24, 2022


Agoraphobia is often confused with the fear of open spaces but is rather complex than that. Individuals with agoraphobia fear shopping malls, public transportation, and just being outside their homes. Others struggling with agoraphobia might be scared of elevators, crowds, bridges, or driving or walking.

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder characterised by intense fear or panic when in situations or places where immediate help or escape will not be possible. It's A complication of panic disorder, wherein an individual is fearful and terrorised, which result in physical and psychological symptoms like panic attacks. Individuals need to seek agoraphobia treatment to manage their symptoms and lead a healthy life.

This blog will get you a closer look at agoraphobia symptoms, treatments, and coping strategies.

agoraphobia treatment

Agoraphobia Symptoms and Treatment

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder wherein individuals experience an overwhelming fear that induces physical and mental symptoms such as panic attacks. This does not imply that every individual struggling with agoraphobia has a history of panic attacks; every individual has unique agoraphobia symptoms and treatment needs. Having agoraphobia commonly includes the following symptoms:

●    Avoiding certain situations, places or individuals
●    Fear or stress of leaving one’s house or certain situations
●    Experiencing panic attacks in certain situations or places
●    Physical symptoms include difficulty breathing, shaking, sweating, and chest pain during panic attacks.

Seeking an Agoraphobia treatment, including mental health counselling services, is beneficial for individuals as the panic attacks and symptoms of the disorder can make it tough to live with it.

What Does an Agoraphobia Treatment Centre Offer?

A combination treatment including agoraphobia treatment medications, psychotherapy and lifestyle changes is the best treatment for agoraphobia.

A counsellor at an agoraphobia treatment centre can help one work through their fears and terrors. Several therapies, such as cognitive behaviour therapy, one of the Best Stress Management Counselling, are used to treat agoraphobia. This therapy helps individuals recognise their anxiety causing thought patterns and learn healthy ways of dealing with them. Desensitisation and relaxing techniques help one vicariously experience a dreadful situation such that one can learn hands-on techniques to manage the unpleasant feelings. With time, the brain learns to respond differently.

Agoraphobia treatment medication includes serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors that treat anxiety and depression disorders. 

Certain lifestyle modifications can help manage agoraphobia; these include:
●    Avoid drugs, alcohol, and caffeine (tea, coffee, soda, for example)
●    Have a well-balanced, healthy diet
●    Exercise regularly
●    Practice breathing exercise

Agoraphobia is easier to manage during the early stages. Avoiding situations frequently increases an individual's fear. Struggling with agoraphobia makes it difficult for individuals to leave their homes; an individual becomes dependent on others. Agoraphobia, if left untreated, can result in other mental health conditions such as substance use disorder, depression, etc. This is why one should seek the Best Anxiety Disorder Treatment early.

Coping with Agoraphobia

One-third of individuals who have agoraphobia successfully overcome the disorder, completely getting rid of the symptoms. At the same time, others learn to manage their symptoms and lead a healthy life. It is important to be patient while healing from agoraphobia. Individuals often need twelve to twenty weeks of therapy and agoraphobia treatment medications. Therapy tends to a year without medications. 

Individuals refrain from discussing anxiety disorders. As a result, they tend to feel isolated and afraid. But agoraphobia treatment can help alleviate symptoms and help one enjoy life to the fullest. It is essential to seek help if you feel some symptoms stop you from living your best life. Take care of yourself, have prescribed medications and apply the techniques learnt at therapy sessions. Encourage yourself to face the situations and visit the places that spark fear or terror. Combining all these methods will help you enjoy yourself more and be fearless.

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