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Most Effective 12 Steps to Recovery for Drug & Alcohol Treatment
January 04, 2022


If you have been searching for rehabilitation centres or addiction treatment, there’s no doubt you have come across the 12 step program for addiction before. It is enacted by more than 70% of the rehabilitation centres in India. Created by the Alcoholic Anonymous organisation, the 12 step program is among the most widespread and well-known approaches to addiction recovery.

One of the crucial steps of choosing a rehabilitation centre is understanding the treatment approach followed by them, their view on drug addiction, how they motivate those in treatment, and the methods of treatment used by them. Since most rehabilitation centres follow the 12-step drug and alcohol treatment program, it is important to understand what exactly it is, what it entails, and its benefits.

SimranShri Rehabilitation centre, helping men recover from addictions and mental disorders, too, supports the 12 step recovery program - breaks these down for you.

12 Step Program For Addiction

What does The 12 Steps Program Entail?

The steps of the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous have been adapted over time. Still, the essence of each step remains intact for all the recovery programs that follow the 12 step model.

Exploring the steps in-depth and learning from how others have applied them in their lives, one can get inspired and gain strength for one's recovery. The 12 steps of Narcotics Anonymous and its principles are as follows:

Honesty: Recovery can begin when one admits their powerlessness over alcohol or drugs they are addicted to; living in denial can never lead to recovery. The loved ones of the addict must also acknowledge that the individual has an addiction.

Faith: Individuals must believe that a higher power can help them heal.

Surrender: Individuals need to accept that they cannot recover alone; help from the higher powers can change the self-destructive decisions of the individual.

Soul searching: Individuals must identify how their behaviour and actions affect themselves and the people they surround.

Integrity: Individuals must admit their ill behaviour in front of their loved ones and the higher power. This step serves as an opportunity for growth.

Acceptance: Acceptance of one's character defects and entirely willingness to correct them.

Humility: Asking the higher powers to help achieve what mere will and determination couldn’t.

Willingness: Individuals must list those they harmed before their journey to recovery.

Forgiveness: Individuals make amends; this will heal their relationships with others and strengthen their will for recovery.

Maintenance: Individuals must admit that they've done wrong; it is essential to maintain spiritual progress to recovery.

Making contact: Individuals discover the higher powers’ plan for their lives.

Service: Individuals in recovery must spread the word to others and apply the principles of a 12 step program to every area of their life.

What are The Benefits of 12 Step Recovery Program

As per the National Institute of Drug Abuse, support groups like the 12-step meetings "complements and extends the effects of professional treatment." Meetings in Twelve-step programs for alcoholism encourage the individuals to participate in group therapies during and post-treatment, thus, offering a layer of sober social support for those seeking recovery. The best alcohol dependence treatment does not advocate individuals in early recovery to be left idle or alone for long; this time could make them weak. Such meetings give a structured time to an early recovered individual, such that they do not give in to cravings; regular meetings keep them motivated and grounded. 

The Best drug addiction treatment centre has witnessed the effectiveness of the 12 step program, specifically in young adults. They can share their life incidents with others and form sober relationships that support them through their journey to recovery. This support further reinforces abstinence from drugs or alcohol and bolsters personal and professional life success.

Now that you understand the 12 step program and its benefits seek the  Best Counselling For Drug Addiction treatment for your loved ones and give them a gift of sobriety.

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