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Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment
January 11, 2022


Alcohol use disorder, or alcohol addiction, is a complex and progressive medical disorder that leads to compulsive alcohol intake. Maladaptive drinking patterns result in family, social and physical consequences. Fortunately, the best alcohol addiction treatment can effectively help individuals combat alcoholism.

If you or your loved one is struggling with a “drinking problem”, alcohol addiction treatment can help you quit alcohol and reclaim control of your life. You don't need to keep suffering from the negative impacts of alcohol addiction. Continue reading to learn more about the most effective alcohol addiction treatment in the rehabilitation process and how to sustain recovery.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment at Rehabilitation Center

It is easy to think that you can manage alcohol dependence treatment independently, but the decision is not easy to take and can be hard to follow. People trying to do things independently because of the stigma it carries might be stuck in the cycle for a long time. India has around fifty million who need help with alcohol addiction, but only 2-3% can get alcohol dependence treatment. In extreme cases, prolonged addiction can cause many severe diseases like organ failure, heart attack, coma, and death. It is important to seek the best alcohol addiction treatment to avoid these circumstances. This treatment is a combination of medications, psychotherapies and indigenous therapies individualized to meet the needs of the alcohol user.

Medication: medications are used in the detoxification process; it eases the pain and discomfort caused due to withdrawal symptoms.

Psychotherapy: Therapies help identify the trigger and underlying cause of alcohol addiction. Once identified, therapies help one to work on them. This helps quit alcohol and prevent its relapse.

Aftercare: Post-recovery care is one of the most significant aspects of recovery from alcohol or addiction. Although it is easy to quit drinking under rehabilitation, it may not be easy to get out and persevere. Therefore, you should adhere to the aftercare treatment plan. The best alcohol addiction treatment allows one to participate in regular AA meetings, treatment sessions, and programs to sustain recovery.

best Alcohol Addiction Treatment

What is Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholic anonymous is a fellowship of individuals wherein they share their experiences, strengths and hopes to achieve a common goal of sustaining recovery. A common need that binds the individuals together is the desire to quit drinking. 

Purpose of Alcoholics Anonymous

The primary purpose of alcoholics anonymous meetings is to help individuals prevent relapse by refraining from alcohol. An essential component of this meeting is to encourage others to pursue the path to sobriety.

Ela Addictions, alcoholic anonymous isn't exclusive - it is not allied with any political belief, denomination, section, organization or institution. Its only agenda is to help the members find sobriety; it does not oppose or support any other cause. Alcoholics anonymous meetings or alcoholics anonymous group therapy serve as a platform wherein the individuals can share their experiences and feelings. Reciting their stories helps them remember the atrocious conditions they've gone through, helps them stay focused in retaining recovery. This further instils hope and motivates other individuals to change their lives and, thus, seek treatment.

Steps in Alcoholics Anonymous

The twelve-step approach of alcoholics anonymous sets the guidelines towards recovery. The twelve steps followed by the alcoholic anonymous treatment are:

1.    Honesty: After denying their addiction, they admit that alcohol addiction has made their lives unmanageable; they feel powerless over alcohol.
2.    Faith: belief in a higher power, the omnipotent, will help them restore their life.
3.    Surrender: The self-destructive behaviour can only come to a halt with the help of higher powers.
4.    Soul-searching: contemplating their behaviours and actions and impacting those around them.
5.    Integrity: This step opens the gate to growth opportunities. The individuals admit their wrongdoings in front of the higher power and others.
6.    Acceptance: Accepting the wrongdoings and behaviours, willing to make amends.
7.    Humility: The spiritual focus is on seeking help from the higher powers to help them heal.
8.    Willingness: Making a list of those you harmed before starting the recovery process.
9.    Forgiveness: Healing the relationships by making amends, although a tough step. But those who want to recover will religiously follow all the steps.
10.  Maintenance: Admitting being wrong is challenging, nobody wants to do it, but it is essential during recovery.
11.  Making contact: Discovering the plan high power has for one’s life.
12.  Service: The individual must spread the word to others and practice the twelve steps model of alcohol de-addiction program in all areas of life.

Post-discharge treatment is an essential component of the best alcohol addiction treatment. We are all different when it comes to addiction; some are fine with medicine, and some need assistance. Taking that first step will be the most challenging task of all, but that first step is what will change your life for the better- seeking help from Best Drug Addiction Treatment Centre.

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