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Choosing a Cocaine Addiction Treatment Centre All You Need To Know
January 12, 2022


Cocaine, also known as crack, snow, or coke C, is made from the coca plant leaves. It is a highly addictive stimulant known to "increase energy and alertness." It affects the brain's neuropathways, resulting in the individual feeling euphoric, talkative, and energetic. About 0.11% of Indians falling under the age bracket of 10-75 years are cocaine users. One can develop an addiction to cocaine within a few tries. One's body might start craving the drug (physical addiction), or one might desire the drug's effect (mental addiction).

Once addicted, the individual begins suffering physically, mentally, and socially; they cannot help themselves crawl out of the pit of addiction. Their only resort then is the treatment provided by the cocaine addiction treatment centre. Learn more about the effects, symptoms, causes, and treatments available for cocaine addiction to help your loved ones break free from its shackles.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

What are the Effects of Cocaine Addiction?

Frequent consumption of cocaine results in higher tolerance of the drug, i.e., a higher dose of cocaine will be required to "get a kick." Consumption impacts one's mental and physical health.

Physical effects of cocaine addiction include:

●    increased heart rate
●    unhealthy weight loss
●    nausea
●    Headaches
●    abdominal pain
●    chest pain
●    stroke
●    heart attack
●    heart arrhythmia
●    Seizure

Psychological effects of cocaine addiction include:

●    Panic
●    paranoia
●    hallucinations
●    Irritability
●    aggression
●    anxiety
●    impaired judgment
●    depression
●    repetitive or abnormal behaviours

Medical conditions associated with cocaine and addictions include:

●    hepatitis
●    weakened immune system
●    respiratory diseases
●    gangrene of the bowels

What are The Causes of Cocaine Addiction?

Repetitive use of cocaine alters the systems related to memory, decision making, and pleasure. Addiction impairs the ability to resist cravings, thus, making it hard to quit. Stimulants act to enhance the extracellular concentrations of norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. Stimulants block the transport of these neurotransmitters.
Neuroadaptation is caused due to long-term exposure to cocaine. It leads to tolerance and sensitization. After a few uses, one develops physical tolerance (decreased drug response).

Risk of cocaine addiction:

●    Family history of cocaine or drug addiction.
●    Alcohol or drug addiction.
●    Mental illness such as anxiety, depression, etc.

What Are The Symptoms Of Cocaine Addiction?

Some symptoms of cocaine addictions include:

●    Drug Tolerance
●    withdrawal symptoms when usage stops
●    inability to stop or reduce usage
●    a desire to keep using even when health complications arise
●    irritability or anxiety
●    spending excessive time and money looking for cocaine
●    a negative impact on quality of life, relationships, and employment
●    psychosis and hallucinations
●    disappearing for binge sessions

Which is The Best Cocaine Addiction Treatment?

Cocaine addiction is a complex yet treatable disorder with mental, physical, and social factors. Cocaine addiction diagnosis is the initial step of framing a treatment plan such that it can meet all the needs of the individual. It is carried to find out the level of dependency, individual health condition, and history. Addiction often coexists with other mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, etc. Best Dual Diagnosis Disorder Treatment is required in such cases.

Treatment offered at rehabilitation centres covers all the facets of addiction. These are long-term treatment programs entail medications, behaviour, and indigenous therapies. Such addiction treatment also requires maintenance to sustain recovery.

Behaviour Treatment

Behaviour treatment is an essential component of the best opioid addiction treatment. It has proven to help individuals through cocaine addiction. These therapies are used along with medications for greater effectiveness. These treatments include rewards for achieving goals such as stopping drug use. Cognitive-behavioural therapy helps identify triggers that cause drug intake and learn how to manage these triggers. This therapy helps in sustained recovery and maintenance.


Medications are involved in the detoxification process to cleanse the body of drug toxins and remains. Medicines ease the pain and discomfort caused by withdrawal symptoms. Antidepressants are often used to help individuals combat cocaine addiction.

Now that you are acquainted with cocaine addiction and its ill effects. Do not resist getting help from a rehabilitation centre; it could save the life of your loved ones.

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