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What are the Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers?
January 17, 2022


An individual with a dual diagnosis, as the name suggests, has a mental disorder along with a substance use disorder. Any individual with a mental disorder has a high probability of having a substance use disorder in their life and vice versa. The interaction of these co-occurring disorders can worsen the condition of the individual. Fortunately,  Dual diagnosis treatment centres are equipped with mental health professionals and doctors to simultaneously tackle co-occurring disorders and help individuals achieve a long-lasting recovery. 

Without further ado, dive in to get a deep insight on dual diagnosis illness - common conditions likely to co-occur with substance abuse and the best treatment for co-occurring disorders.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centre

Common Conditions With A Dual Diagnosis

There are eight most common conditions with a dual diagnosis that co-occur with drug or alcohol abuse disorder.

●    Depression
●    Bipolar disorder
●    Anxiety disorder
●    Panic disorder
●    Post-traumatic stress disorder
●    ADHD
●    Obsessive-compulsive disorder
●    Schizophrenia 

It isn't easy to decipher which conditions came into existence first. An individual might develop a drug or alcohol abuse disorder while self-medicating their mental condition, or the substance use might develop the symptoms of other mental conditions. Each individual has been in unique circumstances resulting in substance use disorder or mental disorder.

Many Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Centers witness individuals seeking help for alcohol addiction and diagnosed with depression. Individuals often, in an attempt to overcome depression, intake alcohol. On feeling better for a while, they eventually increase the consumption since the same quantity is insufficient to quieten the depressive symptoms. This is where one develops an alcohol addiction in addition to the originating issue of depression.

While others may have been suffering from alcohol addiction and got depressed over time due to alcohol dependence, alcohol is a depressant, prolonged heavy use of alcohol exacerbates depression.
 In either of the situations, to treat a dual diagnosis, the treatment must simultaneously address both the addiction and the mental disorder. This is the essence of a dual diagnosis treatment centre.

Treatment Therapies for Dual Diagnosis Patients

Research conducted suggests that solely utilizing therapies are beneficial for the mental well-being of individuals with dual diagnosis disorders. Similarly, medications play an important role in preventing drug addiction if any mental disease exists. What are the therapies that efficiently help individuals with dual diagnoses? The answer to this completely relies on the needs of the individual. The Best Drug Addiction Treatment Centre must focus on the individual and not just their disorder.

Cognitive behaviour therapy- widely used in dual diagnosis treatment, helps individuals tackle mental disorders and addiction. It focuses on changing individuals' thought patterns and behaviours that result in negative behaviour such as drug abuse.

Alternative therapies such as mindfulness, yoga, guided imagery, etc., have immense benefits, it can help individuals get in charge of their response to situations. It also helps the physical symptoms such as increased heartbeat, blood pressure, trembling, etc. It is widely used in various drug treatment programs and is the best alcohol rehabilitation centre in India.

It's crucial to address the illnesses simultaneously and have an individualized approach to the treatment plan. The one-size-fits-all approach does not help individuals suffering from mental health conditions. On the brighter side,  rehabilitation centres and detoxification treatment centres in India are equipped with mental health professionals and doctors to tailor treatment plans that help individuals achieve recovery. 

For anyone suffering from mental health issues, resorting to a dual diagnosis treatment centre at the earliest instead of waiting for it to disappear on its offers the best chance for recovery. There is no shame in asking for help; it's worth the relief a healthy life has in store.

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