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Many people who have never struggled with drug or alcohol addiction are unaware of the causes and effects of the problem. Social media, when used improperly, cannot help either. As a result, a number of misconceptions, misinterpretations, and myths concerning addiction emerge and are spread as erroneous information. This has to end immediately. We may be mistaken when we assume we have a complete understanding of addiction and its treatment. Initially, the situation, not the person's choice, is what has caused the person to develop an addiction. Family problems and financial setbacks are frequent reasons of addiction and are frequently the targets of misinformation. We are dispelling several prevalent myths concerning addiction since, as international de-addiction treatment facilities, we are aware of the truth behind what facts are and what friction is.


Myth 1: You can stop using drugs if you want to, and you can conquer addiction with willpower.

Fact: Constant drug use changes the brain in a variety of ways, leading to strong cravings and a duty to act on them. It is really difficult to give up using your willpower alone because of these brain changes.

Myth 2: Because prescription medicines like opioid sedatives are so popular, using them is safe.

Fact: Opioid sedatives can help manage severe discomfort after an accident or surgery when used therapeutically for a brief period of time. However, consuming opioids frequently for a longer period of time might result in addiction. Avoid painkiller addiction treatment if you are dealing with such an issue. Drug abuse or using someone else's prescription medicine could have negative effects.

Myth 3: Since addiction is an illness, there is nothing that can be done to treat it.

Fact: The majority of medical professionals concur that addiction is a brain disorder; however this does not imply that anyone is helpless. Addiction-related brain changes can be prevented and treated with therapy, exercise, medication, counseling, and other addiction treatment programmes.

Myth 4: Addicts have to reach "rock bottom" before getting healthy.

Fact: Recovery can begin at any stage of the addiction process, and the earlier it begins, the better. The addiction grows stronger and is harder to control the longer usage continues. Don't wait until the addict has completely lost everything before getting involved.

Myth 5: People who are addicted seek help and cannot be pushed into treatment.

Fact: Effective treatment does not require intentionality. Both those who choose addiction therapy on their own and those who are pressured into management by their families or the legal system are likely to benefit. Many former strong addicts decide to want a change as they sober up and their minds become clearer.

Myth 6: Treatment for addiction has never been successful. Therefore, trying it again serves no purpose.

Fact: Overcoming a drug addiction requires a lengthy process and frequently involves obstacles. Relapse does not imply that management has failed or that sobriety is no longer a viable option. It is viewed as a sign to get back on track by returning to management or controlling the course of treatment.


There are myths about addiction and some truths too. Don't hesitate to seek yourself or a loved one counseling and addiction treatment now that the aforementioned myths about addiction have been dispelled. Help yourself and your beloved to get rid of addictions and live a wholesome life. Visit Simran Shri De Addiction Center in Agra or call us anytime to get the best medication and solution to your problems. We are available round the clock to hear your health issues and help you get out of an addict's life.

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