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It is true that addiction affects people of various ages, intellectual levels, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Addiction can have a negative impact on anyone's livelihood, and it's sometimes challenging to manage without professional addiction therapies. The signs and symptoms of addiction differ person to person. Numerous studies have revealed that a variety of factors might contribute to addiction, despite the difficulty in pinpointing exactly what makes some people more susceptible to addiction than others. An individual may be more likely to experiment with drugs or alcohol depending on their environment, genetics, family history, personality factors, and even stress. Addictions can form when other factors play a role in drug and alcohol use.

Mental Illness

People who have mental health issues like depression or bipolar illness are more prone to abuse drugs, which increase their chance of becoming addicted. This is frequently due to several chemical processes in the brain that differ from those of people without mental health disorders. However, since drugs and alcohol can actually increase symptoms and make people feel more worried, depressed, demotivated, or irritated, this can result in a never-ending vicious cycle.

Humans with great IQ level

Contrary to popular belief, addiction doesn't just impact those from lower socioeconomic status and education levels. Many addicts have excellent employment and high salaries. Many professionals, including doctors, lawyers, and doctors have struggled with substance abuse, and it is believed that the stress, loneliness, and failed relationships frequently connected to these professions may have had a significant impact on these people. According to some research, kids with higher IQs are also more prone to use psychoactive drugs like cocaine, heroin, and marijuana as adults. One explanation for this is that brighter individuals may intellectualize their drug usage, which is distinct from denial and rationalization. Visit Simran Shri De Addiction Center in Etah to completely get rid of these harmful addictions. 

Children of addicts 

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) asserts that having alcoholic or drug-dependent parents enhances a person's likelihood of developing an addiction. Children of addicts are reported to be 45% to 79% more prone than the general population to abuse drugs or alcohol. If a mother took a substance when she was pregnant, then the baby will likewise be born addicted to that substance. Later on, this early dependence may develop into an addiction. It is unknown if this is due to the genetic basis of addiction, whether it is inherited, or whether being exposed to drug and alcohol misuse increases the likelihood of trying these substances for the first time.


According to research, those who are more susceptible to stimulants as well as the effects of alcohol and narcotics are more likely to get addicted. According to a 2012 study, drug misuse is more common among people who have "negative emotionality." This personality characteristic determines how often or strongly people feel negative emotions like stress, sadness, or rage. According to one notion, those who experience "negative emotionality" are more inclined to turn to alcohol and/or drugs for solace, escape, or comfort. Negative emotionality and urgency are separate personality traits. Previous research has also shown that the emergence of heavy alcohol usage is connected to d-amphetamine sensitivity and unfavorable emotionality. This shows that it's crucial to look at risk factors and how they interact in the context of a person's drug use stage. Simran Shri De Addiction Center in Etah will guide you with the best health professionals for your own good.


Nearly, twelve lakh people are said to be battling addictions right now in India. Simran Shri De Addiction Center in Etah is there to help you out from drug addiction. Please feel free to visit our page on alcohol addiction treatment and more if you or someone you know is struggling with an alcohol addiction to learn more about the warning signs, symptoms, and available treatments. We provide you with the best medications according to the requirement. Call us or drop a mail and we will come back to you with a bunch of solutions to your problems.

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