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Alcohol Addiction - Quit now by taking help from Simran shri Rehabilitation center

“Quitting alcohol is rough and tough but it is worth enough”

 Alcohol addiction is a long-term illness characterized by recurrent relapses, compulsive alcohol use, loss of control, and the appearance of unfavorable emotional states in presence of alcohol.  Although not all drinkers are alcoholics, those who cannot control the quantity of alcohol they are consuming are most likely suffering from an alcohol use problem. Alcohol is a well-liked psychoactive substance that is frequently used in social situations. The intoxicating component in alcoholic beverages that causes the drunken sensation is ethanol, sometimes known as ethyl alcohol. The three basic categories of alcoholic drinks are beer, wine, and liquor.

 Symptoms of  Alcohol addiction

 Symptoms of  Alcohol addiction include -

  •  Loss of control over the quantity of consumption
  •  Failure in avoiding alcohol
  •  Cravings for alcohol
  •  Negligence towards responsibilities and duties
  •  Lack of concentration
  •  Giving up  social responsibilities due to use alcohol
  •  Drinking alcohol even while doing other work e.g. driving
  •  Increase in amount of alcohol  intake due to increase intolerance to alcohol
  •  Experiencing nausea, sweating and shaking in absence of alcohol
  •  Need for alcohol to function in daily life
  • Physiological issues like depression

 Health Complications associated with alcohol -

Daily alcohol consumption can result in chronic diseases which can be lethal. Some of the Health complications associated with alcohol addiction are -

  •  Issues with vision
  •  Diabetes
  •  Cancer risk
  •  Ulcers and gastrointestinal issues
  •  Pancreatitis
  •  Defects in birth
  •  Immunosuppression
  •  Neurological problems
  •  Cardiac issues and blockage in veins

Helping loved ones from alcohol use disorder

The first step towards helping your loved ones is to understand alcohol use disorder and addiction. Alcoholism is not the same as drinking alcohol occasionally as a coping mechanism or social habit. It is the loss of control over senses in presence of alcohol and drinking in immoderate amounts. You need to recognize the signs and symptoms and evaluate whether the person is an addict or not. After evaluating the signs and symptoms the next step is showing support and believing in them. You need to make the person understand that they need help. They might act violently but you need to stay calm and show your positive support. Listen to them compassionately and understand their problems.You can take them for counseling sessions and show that it is possible to get rid from their addictions with proper treatment.

Take help from Simran shri rehabilitation center

If you know a loved one with alcohol use disorder and want to help them then you should contact our facilities at Simran Shri Rehabilitation Center We also have our branch at sonipat. Our facilities at Nasha mukti kendra sonipat offer treatment and therapy sessions to get rid from alcoholism and such addictions.

Numerous people have benefited from our services in terms of overcoming addiction and boosting their self-worth. This gives them the opportunity to continue on their journey with a positive attitude and motivation.Do not wait for your loved ones to get in any more trouble. The sooner the treatment begins, sooner they will recover.  Start their treatment right away.  We are here to help at Simran shri rehabilitation center and Nasha muskti kendra in sonipat. To learn more and select the best course of treatment, contact us now through call or mail.

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