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Drug Addiction and Crime indulgence

“All the suffering, stress and addiction comes from not realizing you already are what you are looking for.”

Drug consumption usually causes a feeling of pleasure or euphoria in the beginning. It induces a burst of dopamine signals resulting in a pleasurable experience. The brain signals want to repeat this experience, eventually making you an addict. But this pleasurable feeling doesn't last for long. Over a period of time people develop tolerance and dependence over drugs, their consumption of drugs increases leading to other social and financial issues, and indulgence in crime.

Addicts turn to criminality due to financial hardships and inability to pay for their drugs. It implies that drug users are more likely to commit crimes than non-users.

Relationship Between Drug Abuse and crime

Drug abuse affects crime rates in a variety of ways. Some of the factors that affects crime rates are-

Social Changes

Drugs are frequently used by people as a coping strategy in social situations. However, doing so may instead worsen a person's capacity to function in social environments, such as at work, home, or in public places. It could lead them to believe that they need medicines to help them socially in order to function.

Change in characteristics

For those who are addicted, even the smallest bit of drug use can set off a chain of events that could push them over any threshold and into consuming more of that drug. Addicts long for the stress release or lack of restraint that comes from drug use. They are prepared to do whatever it takes and pay any price to get that feeling. Crime is frequently the easiest way for drug addicts who lack money to feed their addiction. As a result, those who are addicted to drugs may go to great lengths to obtain more of the drug. It starts to feel as though this pharmacological coping strategy is essential for survival. The person's personal and professional life subsequently begins to be impacted by this change in perspective and motivation.

Loss of critical thinking

Drug use itself might cause a shift in perspective. Even when we are sober, everyone has the potential to occasionally consider breaking the law. It's common to have hypothetical thoughts like "what if I did this? ". Everyone encounters these so-called intrusive thoughts at some point in their lifetime. However, drug users will be more likely to feel the urge to act on these impulses. They lose their capacity for critical thought and consciousness, which prevents them from understanding the effects of their behavior. Consequently, those under the influence of drugs are more inclined to break the law.

Hormonal Changes

Drug Abusers have a significant impact on their adrenaline, dopamine and other hormone levels. Sudden cessation of use can eventually lead to significant depression or anxiety, which might worsen without therapeutic treatment. Drug addicts who undergo unsuccessful detoxification or recovery may commit violent crimes.They experience stress and intense emotions during drug withdrawal, which can lead to violent outbursts.

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