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Stress Management Counselling to Optimize Health

In today’s world stress is omnipresent, it is encountered by people of all age groups at all levels. Stuck in traffic, arguments with spouse or waiting for an exam result - and you start experiencing a tingling sensation in your body, sweaty palms, heartbeat racing and heavy breathing; These are all immediate symptoms of stress. Be it school, workplace, society or relationships, stress is experienced in countless ways. Experiencing prolonged stress not only affects our mental health but also our physical and social life.

It thus becomes essential for us to learn how to manage stress. Acute stress or short-term stress can be self-administered whereas chronic stress or prolonged stress needs stress management counselling. Don’t know the difference between the two? Dive in to understand stress, its types, symptoms and most importantly, the right Stress management techniques.

stress management treatment

 What is Stress?

Stress or commonly referred to as the body’s, “fight or flight” mechanism. It is the release of hormones to prepare a body to confront danger or evade. The chemicals produced by the body namely, cortisol, norepinephrine and epinephrine result in the following physical reactions:

  • Alertness
  • Sweating
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Heightened muscle preparedness

These changes help the body to respond to perceived challenges and potential risks. Anything that causes stress is known as stressors. Stressors can be environmental such as pollution, noise, aggressive behaviour etc. or personal such as divorce, bereavement or financial crises, or work stress such as job stress, work-life balance etc. Levels of stress increase with the number of stressors, making stress management counselling indispensable for individuals.

Types of Stress

The national institute of mental health recognises two types of stress - acute stress and chronic stress. The distinguishing factors among both are the stressors, duration of the stressors, and thus, the stress management treatment required.

Acute stress

It is a common form of stress and is short-term. Acute stress is experienced when individuals see upcoming challenges or pressures of circumstances in future. For example, a deadline or repercussions of an argument. The stress will dissolve or reduce with the meeting of the deadline and on resolving the argument. The stressors that cause acute stress are new in nature; they tend to have an immediate solution.

Although short-lived but acute stress has an impact on the physical health of an individual, it includes headaches, upset stomach, and moderate distress. Repeated acute stress for a long period of time makes it chronic which requires treatment of stress in psychology.

Chronic Stress

Stressors leading to chronic stress are experienced over a long time. They do not have an immediate solution as in the case of acute stress. Financial crises, traumatic experiences, dysfunctional family or bereavement are examples of stressors leading to chronic stress. It is when an individual sees no hope and succumbs to the pressure without seeking solutions. Prolonged stress contributes to the following problems -

  • Respiratory
  • Sleep
  • Cardiovascular
  • Reproductive
  • Immune

Chronic stress is also the root cause of disorders such as high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Mental disorders such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction among many others. It affects the personality of an individual making them prone to the effects of stress regardless of the stressors. It is thus important for individuals at a young age to monitor stress levels such that they do not develop a stress-prone personality. Parents or guardians must inculcate stress management techniques for students to ensure a healthier future for their children. A stress-prone personality is at a higher risk of developing mental disorders, and ailments such as stroke, heart attack and suicide. 

How To Relieve Stress Quickly?

Stress is unavoidable, learning techniques to cope with stress in a healthy manner is essential. It curbs the effects of stress and results in a healthy stress hormone activity of the body. Here are some ways to relieve stress that one should resort to- 

  • Healthy diet - a nutritious balanced diet helps combat stress. Falling prey to caffeine, smoking or any other drug is easy while experiencing stress, but in the long run, it adds to the turmoil of the individual instead of serving as a stress reliever. On the contrary, it is known to increase an individual's stress levels.
  • Exercise- Regular exercise results in the secretion of “feel good” hormones that help fight stress and makes an individual feel happy, satisfied and thus healthy.
  • Relaxation techniques- Practice deep breathing, mindful meditation, guided imagery etc. to have a calming effect on self. Practising relaxation techniques also enhances one's physical health.
  • Learn to say ‘NO’ - Identify your triggers, avoid situations that stress you and assert yourself. Do not give in to situations that demand your peace of time.
  • Enhance self-esteem- Learn to appreciate yourself, be proud of yourself, celebrate your victories and never criticise yourself. An enhanced sense of self battles stresses and their ill effects.

How Does Simranshri Rehab Centre Help You Fight Stress?

Seeking stress management counselling becomes important when stress becomes overwhelming and starts interfering with your routine. Prolonged stress leads to physical and mental disorders, it is, therefore, necessary to seek help from professionals. We at SimranShri Rehabilitation centre provide a well-rounded treatment for men under stress. We follow a holistic approach that is customised to the needs of the individual. Our team of doctors, psychologists and mental health professionals offer you the best mental health counselling services -

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy- this therapy helps you identify the underlying triggers and causes of stress. Once these triggers are identified, it is replaced with positive ideations such that the triggers no longer affect you.
  • Interpersonal therapy- learn to resolve interpersonal conflicts, address challenging situations and develop problem-solving skills. Our therapists will lead you to the journey of self-acceptance and happiness.
  • Mentalisation based therapy - Enhance your emotional quotient; this therapy will help you identify, express, manage and regulate your emotions as well as others.
  • Group therapy- this therapy will help you gain a new perspective about your issues, discussing issues with individuals going through the same circumstances will help you gain a better understanding of your illness.

Apart from varied therapy of stress and depression, SimranShri rehabilitation centre also offers, indigenous therapies-

  • Mindfulness- Dive in a quiet moment with meditation supervised by our therapists. Focus on the present and feel rejuvenated, far from the worries of the past and challenges of the future.
  • Yoga- Release all the pent-up emotions and tensions with the relaxing effect of yoga postures. Yoga is also proven to be one of the best anxiety disorder treatments by researchers.
  • Just for fun sessions- Surprise awaits you at SimranShri rehabilitation centre each day with our just for fun session. Specially curated for you, as the name suggests these sessions will be fun-filled and ecstatic.

SimranShri Rehabilitation centre is the home away from home for those battling with mental disorders and stressors. Rely on us with your issues and we will help you start life afresh; a healthier, happier and stress-free life.

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