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Mental health is a state of well-being of an individual emotionally, psychologically and socially. It is the way we think about the situation; feel about people and the way we react to them. Good mental health helps to understand and determine how an individual handles stressful situations with utmost positivity and is optimistic.
Mental health is important because it holds great significance in our lives. Our thoughts, emotions, and behaviour are all dependent upon the factor of mental health. It plays a vital role in keeping our relationships healthy and positive and lets us adapt to the changing situation easily and we tend to accept them with a positive vision to it. When we are not able to do the things mentioned prior easily, this is a big indication towards poor mental health, and having such difficulty for a long period is when there are chances that the individual is going through some sort of mental illness. Mental illness also leads to substance abuse and addiction due to various past experiences and events such as broken family, violent childhood, etc.

While it is important to understand that mental illness is very common these days, going to a mental health counsellor is the best one can do for overcoming such a situation. A mental health counsellor is one where you can treatment session and counselling sessions to achieve mental health wellness and balance. The professional counsellors work with different patients at areas of trauma, depression, addiction, etc.

Symptoms That Prove You Have A Poor Mental Health

Some basic symptoms may point towards a weak or bad mental health conditions in an individual, such as:

  • Change in the eating and sleep cycle
  • Excluding self from socialising and general activities
  • Have a drop in energy
  • To have a feeling that no one and nothing matters
  • Go through body aches and pains
  • Feeling helpless and hopeless all together
  • An immediate intake of drugs and alcohol
  • Experience mood swings often
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Overthinking about something that is upsetting you constantly, etc.

If you or any near or dear ones is facing such problems and symptoms, it is time to reach out for mental health help from a mental health doctor. The professional, who is qualified enough to provide you with clinical mental health counselling make sure that you let go any kind of memory or event that had to lead you to a mental state like this. You can also follow the following steps to achieve positive mental health such as:

  • Socialising
  • Exercising
  • Talk to the people you trust
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Actively coping up with your skills and abilities.

Amongst all this, you can also reach out to Simran Shri and seek help from the licensed mental health counsellor who holds in years of practice in the same profession. With us, you get therapy-based sessions and virtual consultations that will help you cope up with mental illness and to create back a positive way of living. We help you overcome not only your addiction but also seek out a hand to come out of the past experiences that lead you over here.

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