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Addiction comes in a variety of types such as drug and alcohol addiction, thus the recovery for the same comes in multiple forms. Rehabilitation centres are well-equipped centres that provide addiction victims with an atmosphere to go through rehab, ie, an intensive program that is supervised by professional counsellors and doctors to help the victims get out of the addiction and habit of drug and alcohol abuse, leading a positive and healthy life in future.

Here, various types of addicts come seeking help for their substance abuse disease. As the drugs are categorised into various types such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, etc; treatment for each one if it varies too. The treatment varies from one person to another and thus that needs to be figured out before starting one.

Rehabs And Their Types

There are various types of rehabs as discussed above, namely:

  • Outpatient Rehab: under this treatment, the patient goes in at the doctor’s office or at the counsellor for regular sessions from home itself.
  • Inpatient Rehab: under this kind of treatment the patients are admitted to the hospital for a minimum of 28 days and thus are treated in there itself.
  • Recovery Housing: it refers to a supervised housing setting where the patient goes through the treatment programs and lives in their too.
  • Residential Treatment: this type of treatment, the patient is cured with intensive medications and counselling in a very non-hospital environment.

Three Simple Step Of Recovery In A Rehab Centre In Delhi

There are considered to be various types of alcohol and drugs for which rehabilitation is available, in which, three basic steps are followed, such as:

  • Step one is “DETOX” under which the patient is treated to remove the drugs and alcohol from their body with utmost safety.
  • Step two is of “THERAPY”, where the patient is helped with their behaviour that usually triggered their urge t take drug and alcohol.
  • Under step three of “RESOCIALISATION”, the patients are counselled and taught to learn new ways of living in a society without drugs and alcohol abuse.

The rehabilitation centres in Delhi such as Simran Shri make sure that you get the best alcohol rehab centre and drug rehab centre at one place itself. Get in your loved ones to the nutrition rehabilitation centre where they are provided with treatment for their addiction along with meditation sessions and counselling through trauma resolution. We also provide women rehab centres for special treatment and counselling of the women.

Get the best rehab for your loved one, to give them a positive and healthy life that is eagerly waiting for them! Get them to come out of the entire mental barrier and achieve the best in this one life that they got!

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