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Marijuana Addiction - Get rid from withdrawal symptoms

Is marijuana addictive ? Marijuana is usually not considered addictive by the consumers. People tend to believe that marijuana does not create any withdrawal symptoms and it is not as life threatening. It is also the most widely used drug because of this notion. But this is a myth though marijuana is considerably less addictive but it also has some withdrawal symptoms. It is possible to acquire a marijuana addiction or a cannabis use disorder even though not everyone who consumes marijuana does so. One in ten adults who use marijuana are thought to experience a cannabis use disorder. Physical dependence is also a withdrawal symptoms and addiction which is linked to regular marijuana usage. This increases the need for rehabilitation centers. Simran Shri Rehabilitation Center and nasha mukti kendra in muzaffarnagar aims to help such people in withdrawing these addictions.

What is marijuana?

The crumbled, green, brown, or grey parts of the Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica plant are known as marijuana. Chemicals in the plant have an impact on your brain and can alter your consciousness or mood. Cannabinoids, which are present in marijuana in active form, have drug-like effects on all systems of the body, including the immunological and central neurological systems. Overuse of marijuana can result in addiction and abuse.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about 9% of people who use marijuana become dependent on or addicted, meaning they cannot stop using it even if it is having negative effects on health, finances, relationships, or career. Despite relatively widespread perceptions of people that believe marijuana is not addictive, frequent marijuana use is associated with the development of distinct withdrawal symptoms, tolerance and addiction.

Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana can cause short term as well as long term effects on the consumers.

Short term effects include-

  • increased senses and more vivid senses
  • Mood swings
  • Impaired body movements
  • Critical thinking issues
  • Hunger issues

Long term effects include-

  • Improper brain development
  • Asthma issues
  • Infertility and pregnancy issues in women

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms of marijuana are not as dangerous as heroin and opiod, but the majority of the consumers still face the withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit its use .

Withdrawal symptoms of marijuana include-

  • Irritation
  • Sleep issues
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Restlessness

Different withdrawal symptoms are experienced by different marijuana consumers. Some consumers develop only modest addictions which they can quit on their own. Some chronic users develop a tolerance, and require professional help to stop their habit. A medical detox programme can be the solution for you if you've struggled to stop using marijuana on your own.

Treating Marijuana Addiction at Simran Shri Rehabilitation center

“No matter what the situation is, remind yourself that I have a choice.”

People struggle with addictions for long without anyone knowing. Always remember that asking for help is the best gift you can give to yourself. You cannot treat chronic symptoms by yourself. What you can do is recognize the symptoms and ask for professional and medical help. Let our experts guide us in terms of getting healthy. Visit Simran shri rehabilitation center in Muzaffarnagar. We provide well-rounded de-addiction treatment services with therapy sessions. We help in overcoming addictions in a very short time so that you can live a long, happy and addiction free life with your loved ones. Contact our rehabilitation center and look for your treatment plan details.

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