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Drug Abuse & Its Effects on Families

  “Addiction is a family disease. When an addict gets sick, it’s not just the addict who gets sick. The entire family is affected in a profound way.” – Thomas F. Harrison & Hilary S. Connery

 Drug addiction's effects on the drug user are simple to imagine. But reality is a bit harsh as with continued addiction, the effects only worsen and  the  impacts start reaching beyond the drug abuser. The family of the drug abuser also starts getting impacted as the addiction worsens. Addiction affects everyone in the family of the addict, whether they are parents, siblings, child or  spouse.

 How drug abuse effects family?

 There are numerous effects of addiction on the entire family. Everything is at stake for the family, including their safety, relationships and finances.

Addiction strains relationships among family members. Every member of the family suffers alongside the addict. Living with a person who is an active addict presents challenges on a daily basis for everyone.Such circumstances have an impact on children living in such an environment. Their social growth, self-confidence, health, and development suffers. Parents who have a child suffering addiction face many difficulties. They start blaming themselves and start taking responsibility for their child's actions. Siblings might start feeling insecure and embarrassed from their family. they might feel a lack of attention from their parents. Sometimes other siblings can end up being an addict under the influence.

 Financial Hardships 

Many addicts spend their whole income on the drugs they require. They may struggle to hold a job, therefore they need assistance in the form of money, food, shelter and basic living necessities. Families frequently assume financial responsibility for a person who is in addiction. Children start getting dependent on  their parents as they struggle with financial issues.  In the event of legal issues, they pay for attorneys or post bond. It starts getting hard for the family to overcome the never ending addiction demands and paying the bills.

 Increased Abuse Risk in family

People become erratic and challenging to manage as addiction worsens. They act erratically, become irritated and agitated, and strike out at people who are closest to them. An individual's inhibitions are impacted by drugs and alcohol. 

Addiction's increased risk of abuse is one of the most significant ways the entire family is impacted. The danger arises whether it involves sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. The likelihood of family members being the victims of violence committed by an addict is increased.

 Addiction leads to broken families

Addictions split families apart. Typically, a person who battles addiction strains the relationships with their family. This causes rifts to form and families to disintegrate. Family members may cut off the person with addiction when they get out of control.

Some people abuse to the point that their partner or the government declares them incapable of raising their children. The sentiments of loss and betrayal that children experience after losing a parent to drugs may lead them to abandon their parents.

 Seek Help from Simran Shri Rehabilitation Center

Seeing your loved ones struggle with addiction is difficult, perplexing, and overwhelming. However, recovery is always possible. The substance abuse can be  treated by various treatment programmes.

We can advise you on how to get someone into rehab. We offer a thorough, all-encompassing addiction treatment programme at Simran Shri Rehabilitation Center. We can support your loved one in ending drug and alcohol use.

We are here for you because we understand how painful it is to care for someone who struggles to maintain sobriety. You can visit our branch at greater Noida. You also speak to the  counselor over call and decide the treatment plan for your loved one.  You don't have to travel this route by yourself! Help is in reach.

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