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Drug abuse in Adolescents and its impact

 In 2018, 20.3 million people aged 12 or older were identified with drug addiction, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

During adolescence, it's easy to get influenced by others and indulge in drugs and alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, teenagers frequently fail to recognize the effects of their present behavior and on their future.Drug-using teenagers put their safety and health at danger. 

 Why are drugs especially dangerous for young people?

 When a person is an adolescent, they are still developing and growing. Because their brain is still developing, it's easy to get manipulated. Drug abuse can affect our decision-making power and interfere with the brain's development process. When people start taking drugs at a young age then they have higher chances of becoming an addict later in life. Use of drugs during adolescence may also lead to health problems like insomnia, high blood pressure and heart disease later in life. Drug abuse in adolescents can be initiated by a lot of factors.Typically, peer pressure from social events leads to the onset of such addictions.The quest for social acceptance can act as  the driving forces for continued use of drugs. Teenagers may believe they are extremely strong and fail to see through the implications of their choices, which leads them to become an addict later in their lives.

The following are risk factors for teen drug abuse: 

  • Family history of drug abusers
  • A psychological disorder such as anxiety or depression
  • Reckless behavior
  • Traumatic experiences or abuse,
  • Low self-esteem or social rejection feelings

 Adverse effects of drugs on Adolescents

 Adverse effects of teen drug use could include: 

Poor Decision making - Drug usage  in adolescents leads to loss of their critical thinking capacity. It is linked to bad judgment in interpersonal and social situations.

 Sexual behavior  - Under the drug influence there is high risk of  unsafe intercourse and unintended pregnancy among teenagers.

 Mental health -  Drug abuse can exacerbate the risk of psychological issues like anxiety and depression.

 Drunk driving - If a driver is under alcohol or drug abuse then, he can put the risk on his and other passengers lives.

 Drop in academic performance - Drop in academic performance and grades can be brought on by substance usage.

 Health effects of drugs

Drug abuse can lead to addiction, severe disease, and even death. Commonly used drugs among teenagers with health risks are:

  • Cocaine - There are risks of heart attack, stroke, and convulsions from cocaine
  • Ecstasy-    It leads to increase in the risk of liver and heart failure
  • Inhalants - Long-term use of inhalants can cause harm to the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys.
  • Marijuana- Early and frequent usage is connected with a higher risk of memory loss, learning disabilities, concentration problems, and psychosis later in life.
  • Methamphetamine — Long-term use or large doses can increase the risk of psychotic behavior.
  • Opioids: Respiratory distress or overdose death risk
  • Electronic cigarettes (vaping) — Risk of nicotine dependence and exposure to hazardous compounds similar to that from cigarette smoking

 Seeking help for teen drug abuse

If you suspect any substance abuse in your child then seek help from medical professionals. It's never too late to deal with drug misuse if you want to get rid from your addiction or help your loved ones.  Seek advice from our health experts at Simran Shri Rehabilitation Center. You can also visit our branch at Aligarh and speak to the  counselor over call. Help is in reach. 

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