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How to Support a Family Member Who is Fighting Addiction
Addiction Treatment
April 27, 2023

Being in love with someone who is battling addiction is heartbreaking. You only desire to stand by him. However, there is a fine and a nebulous line concerning supporting and encouraging an addict. And crossing that line in the incorrect direction is really simple. This is why; experts at Nasha Mukti Kendra think it's crucial to have a conversation about it. Here's how to support your loved one who is suffering from addiction!

Learn for yourself

Without understanding addiction itself, it is useless to attempt to support someone who is struggling with addiction. Knowing more about substance use disorder (SUD will enable you to discover how to approach your loved one about their addiction and persuade them to get help. You will also be able to learn about the many treatment options available for their addiction.

Don't anticipate too much.

Expecting one chat to solve the issue is unrealistic. Reality is distorted for the addict. Be prepared for denial because, to them, lying frequently doesn't feel like lies. Self-destruction seems similar to survival. Therefore, excessive shaming, criticism, lecturing, and the like will also be ineffective. Stop looking for instant results; it is not as simple as that.

Establish sound boundaries.

It's crucial to establish sound boundaries for both you and the addicted loved one. Therefore, do so gently and frequently as you deem necessary. Make the repercussions of violating those lines as obvious as you can. Finally, make sure to always follow through.

Allow them to make errors.

If they are permitted to make mistakes without the assurance that their supporter will come to their aid, addicts are more inclined to proactively seek professional assistance. Therefore, when you want to support a loved one who is struggling with addiction, let them realize what they sow.

Motivate them to seek assistance

One of the loneliest places in the world might feel like helping someone you love to overcome their addiction. But keep in mind that you are not alone. Encourage them to make an appointment with a physician, for counseling, or to attend a peer support group meeting. Be upbeat and encouraging, and make it clear that you'll be at their side throughout the process.

Relapse does not imply failure. Naturally, you may always assist them in developing their finest relapse prevention strategy. For instance, you can become knowledgeable about preventing relapse, discover high-risk behaviors, and create a strategy for dealing with triggers and urges.

Don't get involved in their fights

Do you want to help a loved one fight their addiction? They deserve your love and support. Even if you wanted to, you can't accept his/her fight for his/her.
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